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Monday, December 24, 2012

Holiday Greeting: 平和の最大の敵は無関心である。戦争の最大の友も無関心である。(阿波根昌鴻) "The biggest enemy for peace is indifference. The biggest friend for war is also indifference." (Ahagon Shoko)

With  Best Wishes for the Holidays・・・

阿波根昌鴻 Ahagon Shoko

沖縄・伊江島の「ヌチドゥタカラの家」に行って欲しい。沖縄戦で息子を亡くし、米軍に暴力的に接収された伊江島の土地を取り戻すため、生涯非暴力抵抗・説得・教育活動に尽くした阿波根昌鴻(あはごん・しょうこう)氏の平和思想を学び行動に結びつけたいThere is a peace museum called "Nuchi du Takara," meaning "Life is Treasure," on Iejima (Ie Island), half an hour ferry ride from the Motobu Peninsula of Okinawa Island, which honours leader of the residents' movement for return of their farm land,  late Ahagon Shoko (1901-2002). After the Battle of Okinawa, much of the farmers' land was forcefully confiscated by the occupying US military, and still today, one third of the island is occupied as the US Marine Corps training ground. Ahagon insisted on non-violent resistance, persuasion, and education, and is known by many in Okinawa and beyond as "Okinawa's Gandhi." To learn more about Ahagon and the history of resistance in Iejima, see below articles: 

--I Lost My Only Son in the War: Prelude to the Okinawan Anti-Base Movement (Ahagon Shoko and Douglas Lummis)

--Beggars’ Belief: The Farmers’ Resistance Movement on Iejima Island, Okinawa (Jon Mitchell)

Ahagon's words that signify his philosophy of peace are written on the outside wall of the museum and everywhere in the facility, which also offers accommodation and a lecture room. On the left of the door says "Those who take weapons perish by weapons (The Bible). Those who have military bases perish by military bases. Those who have nuclear weapons perish by nuclear weapons (History)." 

Inside the museum--- clothes worn by those who were victimized by the Battle of Okinawa. It says "We want people who need weapons and wage wars to wear these clothes." 

Author (right) with Jahana Etsuko (in the chair), Director of the Museum. At the back is Yamashiro Etsuko, administrator. 

"The biggest enemy for peace is indifference. 
The biggest friend for war is also indifference."

Twelve of MV-22 Osprey were deployed in Okinawa, despite the all-island opposition at the beginning of October 2012 (See also Okinawan's message for US Marine Corps). As if Iejima had not suffered enough, the island is now being used daily for Osprey training, causing intense noise and fear among the residents, of the accident-prone aircraft. 

"Danketsu Dojo" (Solidarity Training Centre)built in 1961 and used by Ahagon and his colleagues for return of their land.

今こそ団結してオスプレイの訓練中止、配備撤回をさせなければいけない。無関心を敵とし、平和のために声をあげ、暴力に抵抗し、行動しなければいけない。As Ahagon said, make indifference our enemy, and concern and action our friend. Osprey training must be stopped, and the aircraft must be overall removed from Okinawa. 


『命こそ宝 沖縄反戦の心』(岩波書店)
『米軍と農民 』(岩波書店)


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--- Satoko Oka Norimatsu, Director, Peace Philosophy Centre

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