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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Nago City's Resolution 名護市議会の基地反対決議

名護市議決議の日本語版はここにあります。The original resolution in Japanese is at the bottom of the previous blog.
Outside the protesters's "Tent Village" in Henoko, Nago, Okinawa. The flag says, "We don't need a base, either on the land or in the ocean," the slogan by current anti-base mayor Inamine Susumu. Photo taken on July 21, 2010
 Here is an English translation of the resolution adopted by the city assembly of Nago, Okinawa, on October 15, which I reported HERE. (PeacePhilosopher)

Resolution demands retraction of Japan-U.S. agreement to relocate MCAS Futenma within Okinawa Prefecture

The Coalition Government led by former Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama reversed the election pledge to “relocate Futenma outside of Okinawa Prefecture,” and on May 28, 2010, proclaimed a Japan-U.S. Joint Statement “to locate the replacement facility at the Camp Schwab Henoko-saki area and adjacent waters.” It was a decision made in disregard of the will of residents of Nago and Okinawa.

Then, at the Japan-U.S. summit meeting held in Toronto, Canada on June 28, Prime Minister Naoto Kan confirmed his commitment to follow through on the agreement to build a replacement facility in Okinawa.

This agreement was made despite the fact that the majority of people in Nago and throughout Okinawa want the Futenma base removed outside their prefecture. It is an unacceptable act of violence, which tramples the principle of democracy, and conveys derision toward the people of Okinawa.

Adherence to election pledges and respect of the will of the people are the foundation of democracy. Hatoyama’s resignation is a vivid example of the fate of a government that tramples a public pledge and betrays the people’s will.

The people of Okinawa have shouldered the burden of military bases for sixty-five years. Seventy-four percent of the military bases designated for exclusive U.S. use are concentrated in Okinawa. Eleven percent of Nago City is occupied with U.S. military bases. Further imposition of a base burden is nothing but a discriminatory policy against the people of Okinawa.

If construction of a Futenma replacement facility proceeds in accordance with the “Japan-US agreement,” it will be evident that expansion and reinforcement of military bases will accelerate, and so will the harm associated with hosting military bases, including noise pollution and risks to security and safety of local residents.

The city assembly of Nago will not tolerate relocation of MCAS Futenma to Henoko, based on our commitment to protect the lives and assets of our residents. With stern anger, we protest the Japan-US agreement to build a replacement base within Okinawa, which ignores the collective voice of the citizens of Nago and Okinawa, and firmly demand that the agreement be rescinded. 

We hereby resolve as above.

October 15, 2010

The Assembly of Nago City, Okinawa

To: The President of the United States, The U.S. Ambassador to Japan, U.S. Secretary of State, U.S. Secretary of Defense, and U.S. Assistant Secretary of State

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