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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

名護市地元住民団体が翁長知事に「早急に埋め立て承認の撤回を表明すること」を要請 Residents of Nago call on Governor Onaga to declare revocation or Henoko reclamation permit

See English version below. The 10 districts north of Futami in Nago are situated on the opposite side of Oura Bay from Henoko, and the area is expected to suffer the most from noise pollution from the new Henoko base if it is built.




沖縄県知事 翁長 雄志 殿


会長 松田藤子

  副会長 勢理客宗吉/山城義和/東恩納琢磨














Governor Onaga Takeshi,

16 February 2014.


The Association of Residents of the Districts North of Futami Opposed to the Construction of a New Base at Henoko, Oura Bay.

President: Matsuda Fujiko

Vice-Presidents: Serikyaku SokiYamashiro YoshikazuHigashionna Takuma

Niina YoshiharuHiga Noriyuki


Letter of Demand calling on Governor Onaga to declare as soon as possible revocation of the permit for Henoko Reclamation 

We are residents of the ten districts north of Futami located on the opposite shore of Oura Bay to Camp Schwab, on Nago City’s East Coast. About 1,350 people live in these ten districts, and more than 1,000 of them have signed their opposition to construction of the new base and take part in the activities of this Association. 

We look to the birth of the Onaga governorship under slogans of “Bases are an Obstacle to Okinawan Development,” “Refuse to Allow the Construction of any New Base at Henoko,” and “a Prosperity We Can be Proud of” as marking the beginning of a new history for Okinawa. We are determined to strive for an Okinawa to be proud of, and to support you, Governor Onaga, not just on base matters but on various other fronts. To stop the construction of a new base is something that simply must be done. We must move forward under your leadership, Governor Onaga, to resolve these matters through the power of Okinawa’s people. 

However works are now being enforced day after day on Oura Bay, with the government ignoring the people’s will, and precious corals and sea-grasses being destroyed and the people protesting on sea and on land violently shoved aside by Coastguard and Riot Police, resulting in a stream of injuries. The government seems to be saying that once it has decided on a course of action it will not change, regardless of the opposition. Pressing ahead relentlessly with construction, it seems intent on fundamentally crushing the will of the Okinawan people opposed to construction and on driving them to exhaustion. 

We absolutely must not bow to such outrageous treatment. In order to deal with the government’s efforts to divide the residents and Okinawa’s will and in order that there be no more injuries and accidents at the site and that nature not be destroyed, we members of the Association of Residents of the Districts North of Futami Opposed to the Construction of a New Base at Henoko, Oura Bay issue the following demand. 

We call on you, Governor Onaga to display firm resolve to the governments of Japan and the United States, thereby inspiring us Okinawan people to greater courage. 

We Demand: 

That you declare as a matter of urgency your revocation of the license to reclaim Oura Bay.

At the same time, that the special committee investigating the granting of the reclamation license carry forward its proceedings as a matter of urgency (with a view to cancellation).

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