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Saturday, December 17, 2016

22日の北部訓練場部分返還式典に向け、22人声明「祝うことは何もない」 Nothing to Celebrate: December 22 Partial Return of US Marine Corps Northern Training Area in Okinawa

12月22日、沖縄の北部訓練場部分返還式典に対し海外識者ら22人が声明。以下、二か国語の声明文。沖縄紙の報道は下方を見てください。Here is a statement by 22 international supporters of Okinawa's struggles against U.S. and Japanese militarism.

December 22: Nothing to Celebrate

Prime Minister Abe Shinzo 安倍晋三首相
President Barack Obama バラック・オバマ大統領
Okinawa Governor Onaga Takeshi 翁長雄志沖縄県知事
Okinawa Prefectural Assembly Chairperson Shinzato Yonekichi 

December 17, 2016  

We, the undersigned, condemn the U.S. and Japanese governments for their forceful construction of six new MV22 Osprey-capable helipads in Okinawa’s Yambaru Forest, despite the local opposition, severe impact on the environmentally sensitive forest, and the health impact of Osprey noise pollution and downdraft both on humans and wild life. The dual accidents of December 13, the crash off Nago and the belly-landing at Futenma, reinforced the Okinawan people’s fear of the increased risk from the Osprey.

We are disappointed that Governor Onaga tacitly accepted the helipad construction in exchange for the return of half of the Marine Corps’ Northern Training Area. Before and since his election to the Governorship in November 2014, Governor Onaga repeatedly indicated that his opposition to Osprey deployment meant opposition to helipad construction as well, but he has not taken effective action to stop it. Neither the prefecture nor the prefectural assembly has taken any effective measures to stop the use of overwhelming force against citizens by riot police dispatched from across Japan at the request of the prefectural public safety commission. 私たちは、海兵隊北部訓練場の半分の返還と引き換えにヘリパッド建設を事実上容認した翁長知事に失望している。2014年11月知事選に当選する以前から、そして当選以降も、翁長知事は、オスプレイ配備に反対しているということはヘリパッド建設にも反対しているという意味であるということを何度も表明したが、知事は建設を止めるための効果的な行動は起こさなかった。県も県議会も、県の公安委員会の要請により日本全国から派遣された機動隊が市民たちに対し圧倒的な実力を行使することを止めるために効果的な対策を講じることはなかった。

We support the citizens who have tirelessly protested against the helipad construction despite the lack of support from the political leadership, and demand the release of protesters who have been arrested and detained, including Yamashiro Hiroji, Director of the Okinawa Peace Movement Center. We understand Yamashiro’s health is failing and find it inhumane and shocking that he is not allowed even to accept delivery of socks to keep his feet warm in his police cell. He should be released immediatelyこのような政治指導者側からの支援が不足する中でもたゆまぬ抵抗を続けてきた市民たちを、私たちは支持する。そして、沖縄平和運動センター議長の山城博治氏をはじめとする、逮捕されて拘束されている抵抗者たちの釈放を要求する。山城氏の健康状態は悪化していると聞いており、留置場で足を温めるための靴下の差し入れさえも許されないというのは人道に反した衝撃的なことである。即刻釈放されるべきだ。

So long as the December 22 partial return of the Northern Training Area is tied to intensified militarization of the surrounding area, we see nothing in it to celebrate.12月22日の北部訓練場の部分的返還が周辺地域の軍備強化につながる限りは、私たちはこの日に何も祝うことを見出さない。

1.      Herbert Bix, Emeritus Professor of History and Sociology, State University of New York at Binghamton
2.      pete shimazaki doktor, Co-founder Veterans for Peace ROCK (Okinawa Chapter) & HOA (Hawai`i Okinawa Alliance)
3.      Alexis Dudden, Professor of History, University of Connecticut
4.      Mark Ealey, Translator マーク・イーリー、翻訳家
5.      John Feffer, Director, Foreign Policy In Focus
6.      Norma Field, Professor Emerita, University of Chicago
7.      Bruce K. Gagnon, Coordinator, Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space
8.      Joseph Gerson (PhD,) Vice-President of the International Peace Bureau, Co-Convener Peace & Planet Network 
9.      Laura Hein, Professor, Northwestern University
10.   Paul Jobin, Associate Research Fellow, Academia Sinica, Institute of Sociology
ポール・ジョバン 台湾国立中央研究院社会学研究所 アソシエート・リサーチ・フェロー
11.   Erin Jones, Researcher, Mesa, Arizona
12.   John Junkerman, Documentary filmmaker
13.   Peter Kuznick, Professor of History, American University
14.   Gavan McCormack, Professor Emeritus, Australian National University
15.   David McNeill, Adjunct Professor, Sophia University
16.   Katherine Muzik, Marine Biologist, Kaua’i, Hawaii
17.   Satoko Oka Norimatsu, Editor, Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus
18.   Steve Rabson, Professor Emeritus, Brown University
19.   Mark Selden, Senior Research Associate, East Asia Program at Cornell University
20.   Wesley Ueunten, Associate Professor, San Francisco State University
21.   David Vine, Associate Professor of Anthropology, American University
22.   Ann Wright, US Army Reserve Colonel (Retired) and former US diplomat 

In alphabetical order by family names以上、ファミリーネームのアルファベット順)





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  1. With this comment I want to add my name to the petition and voice support. I would also like to add that as an employee of a Japanese university, I believe Japanese academics have implicitly understood that it is "dangerous" to endorse such causes. The Ministry of Education (known as MEXT) regulates and controls everything, and amid the fear of looming downsizing of higher education, no one wants to make trouble. When the Fukushima Dai-ichi meltdowns were occurring, faculty members in one institution I know of policed each other to make sure no one said anything controversial. This was before any bureaucrat had to step in and actually say anything.

  2. i feel compelled to simply clarify that this is not to blame Onaga & Okinawa Prefectural Assembly per se, but to acknowledge the reality of not being able to stop more military base can Japan & the USA say "land return" while building new facilities in Henoko, Oura Bay, Takae, Higashi, Ie Island, etc.?! this is another attempt of divide-and-conquer of Uchinanchu. Free all Uchinanchu ocean-defenders, political prisoners like Yamashiro!