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Wednesday, November 11, 2020

FREE PRESS = FREE ASSANGE: An International Webinar with Daniel Ellsberg, Marjorie Cohn, and Joe Lauria (20:00 EST, Sat November 21) 報道の自由を守るためにジュリアン・アサンジ解放を!ウェビナー開催

November 25: It was a successful event, with over 100 turnout, and the speakers were all brilliant and inspiring! Please have a look at the recording. 

All are invited! This is an international webinar with distinguished guest speakers Daniel Ellsberg, Marjorie Cohn, and Joe Lauria. We will discuss the UK extradition trial of Julian Assange, the 18 criminal offenses conjured by the U.S., and how the case impacts the 99%. Organized by the Covid-19 Global Solidarity Coalition. Co-sponsors: ConsortiumNews, Roots Action, World Beyond War, CovertAction, Project Censored, Media Freedom Foundation, National Lawyers Guild,, Co-op Anti-War Cafe Berlin. 


Here is the Facebook Event Page. 

Time and Date: 

New York, Toronto:  20:00 PM, Saturday November 21

Los Angeles: 17:00 PM, Saturday November 21 

London (UK) : 1:00 AM, Sunday November 22 

Moscow: 4:00 AM, Sunday November 22 

Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore: 9:00 AM, Sunday November 22 

Seoul, Tokyo, Naha: 10:00 AM, Sunday November 22

Melbourne (AU): 12:00 PM, Sunday November 22 

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