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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Experience of Maui

I was in Maui from November 16 to 20th, 2006 to attend a workshop called 'Self-Identity Ho'oponopono,' founded by MORRNAH NĀLAMAKŪ SIMEONA (1913 - 1992) and taught by Dr. IHALEAKALĀ HEW LEN. I wanted to find some answers for my quest for peace within myself, my family and the world.

No words can adequately express what I have experienced and learnt there, so I just give the link to the website and let these photos speak for the beauty of Maui - the Arts and Culture Center where the workshop was held, the beautiful flowers of Maui that comforted me during the three-hour drive on the narrow and winding road to Hana.

I was guided by Divinity to visit the little pristine town on the less visited side of Maui on the last
and the only day off that I had at the end of my trip. Right after I passed Hana, I stopped by at a breathtakingly beautiful yet solemn beach with my son's name - Koki Beach. Naturally I was Mother, and this beach was Child. I sat there, read, meditated, and slept. It was one of the most relaxing and spiritual times of my life.

'The most important job of Mother is to let go.'



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