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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Face of Jizo Production in Victoria by Futarikko

Futarikko Theatre Company presented the Canadian premiere of *The Face of Jizo.*
*The Face of Jizo* deals in intimate detail with the trauma faced by survivors of the atomic bomb, reminding us of the inhumanity of nuclear weaponry.First produced in 1994 under its Japanese title, *Chichi to Kuraseba* (If Lived with my Father), *The Face of Jizo* was written by well-known Japanese playwright Hisashi Inoue and translated into English by Roger Pulvers in2003. The play's English title refers to Jizo, the Japanese Buddhist guardian deity of children.*The Face of Jizo* was presented by Futarikko Theatre Company, which formed in 2002 in Kochi, Japan. Founding member Ayumi Hamada brought the spirit ofFutarikko to Canada in 2006, with the goal of introducing Canadian audiences to Japanese contemporary plays. *The Face of Jizo *was Futarikko's third show, following three
successful runs of *The Lady Aoi *in 2007 at venues including the Nanaimo Japanese Festival and UVic's Student Alternative Theatre Co.Ayumi Hamada has been studying and performing theatre in Victoria for three years. She has received numerous awards at theatre festivals in Kochi,including Best Actress. Ayumi designed costumes and acted in *The Face of Jizo* as part of a directed studies program at the University of Victoria.Working with Ayumi on *The Face of Jizo* was a Canadian team includingactor David Christopher, artist and sound designer Min Huh, lighting designers Emily Kevis and Darcy Stoop, director Alyssa Knox, stage manager Aya Walraven as well as numerous volunteers.*Vancouver Saving Article 9* displayed an exhibition of historical photographs and paintings in the theatre. Members of *Vancouver Save Article 9*, a group which advocates for the preservation of the article in Japan's constitution which renounces war, was present at the show. Futarikko presented *The Face of Jizo* in solidarity with Peace Philosophy Centre and Vancouver Save Article 9's efforts to remind the public about the tragedy of the atomic bombs and to advocate peace.*The Face of Jizo* was performed twice at Metro Studio, in Victoria. There were 183 guests in total.

Written by

Alyssa Knox and Aya Walraven

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  1. Alyssa...did you happen to travel to Byron Bay in 2003?