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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Ginowan City may sue the Government for their "failure to act"

(Photos by Ginowan City, the reluctant host of US Marines Futenma Air Station)

Okinawa Times Report on March 30 reported:

Ginowan City (Mayor Iha Yoichi) is considering filing a lawsuit against the Japanese government for their "failure to act" on the problem of noise pollution and the risk of accidents caused by Futenma Air Station. Ginowan City just passed the 2010 fiscal year budget bill that includes 1,180,000 yen
(approx. US$13,000) that covers the cost of hiring lawyers and researchers for preliminary research to assess the feasibility of such lawsuit. An approval by the city council will be required for the actual lawsuit, and a motion will be submitted to the council as early as June 2010.

国提訴の調査費可決 宜野湾議会、普天間放置で

(沖縄タイムス 3月30日)





The below photos are from when a Marine helicopter crashed into the campus of Okinawa International University on August 13, 2004. Citizens of Ginowan and those who work and study in Ginowan are constantly threatened by the risk of such accidents.

This is a photo of Ginowan Citizens' rally to protest against the dangerous Futenma Air Station, held on September 12, 2004, right after the helicopter accident. 30,000 people, in the city of a population less than 90,000, attended. The citizens called for immediate termination of Futenma Air Station as a helicopter base and swift return of the land.

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