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Friday, July 29, 2011

"Shut Tomari" - Stop Tomari Nuclear Plant in Hokkaido from Re-operation 泊原発再開に反対

"Shut Tomari" is a citizens' organization trying to shut down Tomari Nuclear Power Plant in Hokkaido. Please see Kaori Izumi's plea for international collaboration below. See Shut Tomari's blog.

北海道泊原発再開を阻止するため活動する市民団体「 Shut 泊 」 を紹介します。泉かおりさんからの海外への訴えをご覧ください(下記)。道の合意なしでも国の指示があれば再開すると開き直った北電社長の報道も。泊原発はチェルノブイリ事故後日本国内で初めて運転開始した原発であるとのこと。福島第一事故後初めて再稼働する原発という汚名を再びかぶることは絶対にないように。日本の原発が全て廃炉になるように。メディアが激しく繰り広げる節電キャンペーン。節電は大事だが、原発再開なしでこの夏を乗り切ってしまうと原発が実は必要ないことが国民にばれてしまうので政府も電力会社も、この夏を乗り切ることを事業や市民の節電のおかげだと言えるために節電を強制していることを、皆さんわかってください。「原発必要神話」を打ち崩しましょう


Citizens sitting-in in front of Tomari Nuclear Power Plant, Hokkaido

Dear all,

Please disseminate this message.

This is to let you know that our government is now allowing Tomari Nuclear Power Plant in Hokkaido, which will be the first plant in Japan to be in full operation for commercial purpose after Fukushima Daiichi Disaster happened. There is no new standard for safety of nuclear power plants after Fukushima Daiichi. The water, the soil, the air, the sea, fish, vegetables, milk, meat, everything is contaminated in Japan in different degrees. Meat from cattle which were fed with radiation contaminated rice straws in Fukushima and other areas were sold to all over in Japan, and it was used for lunch for young children in kindergarden. Some farmers committed suicide after they found their vegetable and animals are contaminated. One grandmother committed suicide leaving a note,”I do not wish to be a burden for my family. I am going to evacuate to the heaven”. Families are breaking out. Many fathers remain in Fukushima to earn the living, while their wives and children have evacuated outside Fukushima. Many young mothers left their job, house, and husband, relatives, friends, evacuating with their babies only with an intention to minimise the risk of their children exposed to radiation. We have over 2000 families evaucated to Hokkaido, most of them young mothers, some of whom have no money for living for next month.

Government has budget to test radiation exposure on cattle, but not for people.

Fukushima Daiichi is far from settling down the disaster. Yet, government is preparing a plan to call back Fukushima nuclear disaster refugees home.

Any nuclear power plant in Japan has a pontential to be next Fukushima Daiichi.

Our Tomari Nuclear Power plant is the first one to come under operation in Japan after Chernobyl accident which happened in 1986.And now it could become the first one to be in full operation for commercial purpose, if we failed to stop current government plan to do so.We have tried all our means to stop it since 3.11, but we came to the point where we shall sit in front of mayor’s office from tomorrow.

If you have a possibility, please inform media in your country, which may have forgotten Fukushima Daiichi, and at least 300,000 of our children in Fukushima who are gradually and deliberately murdered by the government for next years to come.

We can not let our government to get Tomari in full operation as the first case after Fukushima. We can not make a precedent.

Whole Japan is watching Tomari today. I request you to keep your eye on the fate of Tomari Reactor 3.

Kaori Izumi
Shut Tomari

泊3号機 道の同意なしでも営業運転申請 北電社長が意向
(07/29 11:00、07/29 16:21 更新) 


1 comment:

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