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Friday, November 14, 2014

オリバー・ストーンとピーター・カズニックから沖縄の人々へのメッセージ A Message from Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick to People of Okinawa


Oliver Stone
 November 12, 2014

Governor Nakaima has betrayed his promises to the people of Okinawa. He sold you out to LDP leaders intent upon militarizing Japanese society, to U.S. leaders determined to maintain America's "empire of bases" regardless of the wishes of local populations, and to U.S. and Japanese corporate interests planning to benefit from fortifying Okinawa as an imperial outpost. Like David against a mighty Goliath, the people of Okinawa have struggled valiantly to resist this unjust incursion. You have captured the hearts of all those around the world who are fighting for social justice. If Onaga-san wins election on Sunday, he will need to use his power as Governor to cancel Nakaima’s reclamation approval. Anything less than that will be another betrayal to Okinawa. The people of Okinawa’s fight is our fight and our thoughts are with you at this critical moment.

Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick


Peter Kuznick


(翻訳 乗松聡子)

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