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Thursday, November 16, 2006

'Families Creating Tomorrow's World' Part 3

For our event, Makie Blaine prepared all-natural hand-made healthy snacks - 'almond cookies' with ingredients like almond butter, maple syrup, spelt flour and coconut milk, and 'sweet potatoes and apples, 'chakin' way,' because it looks like chakin-sushi, or wrapped sushi, as you can see in this photo with Makie. Thank you Makie!

Another highlight of the event was peace songs shared by Chihiro and her daughter, with the sign language. Chihiro's daughter belongs to the peace choir at her school. Here are the lyrics of the song:

Peace is the world smiling
Peace is a gentle dove
Peace is caring
Peace is sharing
Peace is filling the world with love

Thank you for sharing this beautiful song.

Here is the photo with the three Peace Philosophers of today - from left, Sayuri, Makie and her son, and Noriko. Thank you so much, this event happened because of your leadership and passion.

My sincere thanks to the three students - Kayo, Shikiko, and Riho who helped out with the event, and Yumiko Kikuno, who took photos, stayed later to clean up and keep me company after the event. Above all, thanks to all for participating and helping. I hope and I am sure that you are all enjoying the difference that this event has made in your life and the difference that you are bringing to this world.

Lots of love,


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