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Monday, July 16, 2007

Exhibition: A-Bomb and Humanity

Annoucement of Exhibition on Powell Street Festival: A-Bomb and Humanity.

This exhibition is presented by Vancouver Save Article 9 and Peacephilosophy Centre. The impact of the A-bomb and the present peacekeeping movement in Japan will be presented along with the future hopes of peace.

展示会場の流れ (Contents of the exhibit--past →present→future)
過去:  被団協から寄贈された原爆のパネルと日本側の加害に焦点をあてた展示物
Past: Display of the panels, which show terrible aftermath of atomic bombing
and the pictures, which focus on atrocities committed by Japanese military.
現在:  永久平和を誓った日本国憲法9条の存在が危機にある現状
Present: In Japan, the government is trying to change Article 9, the peace clause in its constitution.
未来:  バンクーバーから平和のメッセージFuture : Messages for Peace from Vancouver

Date/Time:Saturday, August 4th 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Sunday, August 5th 10:00 Am - 4:30 PM

Place:Vancouver Japanese Language School 4th Floor
487 Alexander St. Vancouver; 1 block north of Oppenheimer Park, where Powel Street Festival is held

Fee:Admission by Donation
Language:Japanese / English
Organizers:Vancouver Save Article 9 and Peace Philosophy Center or (Yumiko)

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