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Monday, October 08, 2007

Saturday October 13th in White Rock

The September 9th Peace Philosophy Salon, where I shared my summer experience of visiting Seoul, Hiroshima/Nagasaki was a huge success. We had about 20 adults and 20 children, and talked about a range of other issues including the national anthem debate in education, some feature peace films in Japan, and the World Article 9 Conference to be held in Tokyo next May.  Arc Han also talked about the 'A-Bomb and Humanity' Exhibit in Vancouver this summer.


On Saturday October 13th, I will be coming to White Rock to share the same stories, and this time Kyoko Hara, who is going to introduce this wonderful quilter who makes quilts about Article 9 in different languages. Kyoko is one of the three women who have facilitated the meetings in Surrey for the past two years, along with Mariko Yamamoto and Seiko Roberts.

10月13日(土)、ホワイト・ロックにて、また同様の内容でお話させていただきます。ホワイトロックでは過去2年にわたり、山本真理子さん、ロバーツ世以子さん、原京子さんの3人が中心となり、平和や環境について学ぶミーティングを主催されてきました。今回はそのお一人、原 京子さんのお話も伺います。京子さんも今夏日本で過ごしましたので、日本で見聞きしたこと、また、各国語によるキルティングで憲法九条を表現なさっている方の紹介などをしてくれます。

Time and Date: 1:30 PM, Saturday October 13th, 2007
Place: White Rock (direction will be sent to participants by email.)
RSVP: Email

I am driving to White Rock from North Vancouver through Lions Gate Bridge and Highway 99, so pick-up will be available for those who live in the area where I drive by.


I look forward to another fabulous event!


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