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Friday, February 15, 2008

A Peace Education Presentation by Misako Iwashita

A Spring Special Event by Peace Philosophy Centre

"Be a Participant in History, not a Bystander"
- A Special Peace Education Class by Misako Iwashita, a Japanese HistoryTeacher -

How do we teach peace? We often teach horrors of wars, and wrongdoing of our own country, but are these sufficient? Can we give hope and courage for action by peace education? How do we guide learners so that they become active participants of history rather than just being bystanders? Misako Iwashita, a former secondary school history teacher from Japan, will share her long experience as a peace educator, and present one of her successful lessons.

Date and Time: 1:30 - 3:30 PM, Saturday March 8th, 2008
Place: Multimedia Room, 2nd Floor of Roundhouse Community Centre (inYaletown, on Pacific and Davie)
Organized by: Peace Philosophy Centre
Admission: Free. Donations to cover the cost of rental will be accepted.
Language: Primarily in Japanese, but we will have an interpreter to help with English speakers. Misako will use a DVD in Japanese, andwe will provide a written outline of its content in English.
RSVP: to or 604-619-5627 by March 7th

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