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Monday, April 28, 2008

May 4 Article 9 Event in Vancouver concurrent with Global Conference in Japan

The Global Article 9 Conference (May 4-5 in Japan) is approaching!

We are going to hold a potluck event on May 4th, happening simultaneously with the VSA9's workshop at the Global Conference in Makuhari, Chiba. It will be held at Audrey Howatson's house in North Vancouver. The purpose of this event is to show support to the Vancouver delegates to the Global Conference and really for us in Vancouver to celebrate the first-ever international conference on the peace constitution. In fact,we will attempt to live-link between Makuhari and Vancouver using SKYPE. All are welcome, and there will be activities for children as well.

The host of the evening Audrey Howatson has done Peace Boat's global cruise 5 times and has been involved with numerous environment and peace initiatives including the across-nation bike ride from Hokkaido to Okinawa in Japan. Thank you Audrey for kindly offering your place for this event!

Time: 5 -8 PM, May 4th (Sunday) Place: Audrey's house in North Vancouver - email for details.

Dinner: Potluck please. We tend to get too many desserts, so please bring something other than desserts, thank you. Please bring your own cup, place, cutlery - it is a garbage-free event.

For the environment, please use transit or carpool. Drivers of carpooled vehicles will get a present (limit 10, first-come, first-served) at Theodor! Please let us know if you would like to carpool, whether offering or requesting a ride.

There is no fee, but small donations will be welcome, for future peace activities in Vancouver.

RSVP by May 3rd to Chizu Kanada Let us know how many adults and children are coming. Ages of children requested as well.

Organized by: Vancouver Save Article 9 Peace Philosophy Centre

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