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Sunday, May 04, 2008

世界会議記念バンクーバーイベント An Article 9 Event in Vancouver


What a blast! We had close to 50 people at the Vancouver event to commemorate and send support to the Global Article 9 Conference. Thanks Audrey Howatson for opening up your beautiful home with this huge deck, where we took this group photo, with children holding the beautifully calligraphed Article 9 in Japanese.


This event was held concurrently with the workshop co-hosted by Vancouver Save Article 9 and Geneva Peace Group on the second day of the Global Conference. In Japan, it was 10 AM - 12 PM of May 5th, and in Vancouver, 5 - 7 PM of May 4. We had a plan to live-link Makuhari and Vancouver through the Internet. We had technical difficulties and could not carry out this plan, but I hope our energy or support reached Japan!


May 5th is the Children's Day in Japan. I do now know if there was an event for children at the Makuhari Conference, but the intention of our event was to send children to the world that has the guarantee of Article 9 - a world with the promise of no wars. Early childhood educators Sayuri Ishimoto and Noriko Ashizawa facilitated activities for children which brought hopes for the future and brought lots of smiles also to all the adults in the room.

法子さんは、世界的に人気のあるエリック・カール作「はらぺこあおむし」を大きな本とあおむしのぬいぐるみを使って読み聞かせました。皆がびっくりしたのは、あおむしは、蝶に変身する前にいったんさなぎの中でとろとろに溶けてしまうということです。ノリ・ハドルと きくちゆみ作の本「バタ

Noriko read Hungry Caterpillar, a well-known children's picture book by Eric Carle. We were all amazed to know that a caterpillar actually melts down in its cocoon before it transforms into a butterfly! Adopting the story of Norie Huddle and Yumi Kikuchi's book "Butterfly", Noriko demonstrated the miracle of the caterpillar-butterfly transformation, which we are all familiar with. It is a proof that we can all become something that we have not even imagined!

Article 9 is possible.

Imagine all the people, living life in peace........
Imagine all the people, sharing all the world........

『イマジン』を歌ってくれた まほさんと なおきさん、ありがとう。
Thanks Maho and Naoki, who performed "Imagine" for us.


An international storyteller Dunc Shields told a story of a shark and an octopus
who play so much together as 'enemies' without knowing the meaning of the
word. And a story in which a little canary tries to stop the atomic bomb being dropped in Hiroshima... it touched me deeply.

Now there are more than 7,000 Article 9 associations in Japan and beyond.
Imagine all the canaries singing around the globe...
Thank you. From the bottom of my heart.
With lots of love and hope,
Satoko Norimatsu 乗松聡子


  1. Sayuri9:58 am


    I want to thank you, Audrey, Satoko-san and everyone.

    I was very very happy that Audrey is a part of us.
    Just like we have gained another super power!
    I have realized that Audrey brought many Japanese ESL students from her school
    and many more (Audrey's friends?) to this event.
    I always feel that it is important for us to have many Japanese ESl students who are learning about their own country.
    I hope that they will go back to Japan with some knowleage and inspiration of Article 9 and spread that to others.
    This event could not have been better without you, Audrey!

    Through this event, I really felt that I was a part of Grobal article 9 conference!
    Thank you, Satoko san.



  2. Tsuneko Ishii6:01 pm

    50人もの人たちの平和への想いが 魔法をかけた




    心を開く。皆が心を開いて 繋がりを持ち、

    お互いへの思いやりを大切に 一人一人が



  3. Audrey9:40 pm

    Hi everyone! Happy Kempokujo!
    Thats great news about the donation!
    It was absolutely a pleasure to have you guys at my house!
    Thanks so much for coming, for being so inspiring, for bringing your children and for the best food I have had in ages! I had a blast today and I think my house is even cleaner then when this party started!!!
    I hope we can have another event at my house with this group!
    It was wonderful!
    Lots of love and thanks - thank you for making my day!