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Sunday, November 23, 2008

韩国话剧《'NABI/Comfort Women'》于近期在大温地区上演

A drama “'NABI/Comfort Women'”, which tells a story of three “comfert women” who were conscripted during the WWII, was presented at the Everygreen Culture Centre of Coquilam on last Thursday, November 20th, 2008. Being invited by BC Alpha, this play has been introduced by several local majot Chinese Media. More information can be find on those local newspapers.
We were invited to the first show of this play, and were seriously impressed by the physical and psychological suffering of the confert women. During the Q & A time, we expressed our thanks to the stuff members and invited them to show this play in Japan in the future.

韩国话剧'NABI/Comfort Women'是由韩裔剧作家Jungmi Kim创作关于二战慰安妇苦难经历的新话剧。在北美抗日战争史实维护会的邀请和组织之下于近日来到大温地区演出。周四晚上我们有幸收到邀请观看了首场演出。



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