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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Spring Event of Vancouver Save Article 9

Vancouver Save Article 9 will present -

A Special Spring Event

"My Experience of War, and What It Means To Me"

We will have a panel of about 10 people from all walks of life who will share their precious stories during the war and post-war periods, and how the experience impacted their life then and now. The panel presentation will be followed by a discussion and a tea party.

Time and Date: 1-3:30 PM, Saturday, March 21, 2009

Place: Vancouver Japanese Language School
475 & 487 Alexander St. Vancouver BC V6A 1C6

Free admission. Donations are welcome.

Inquiries: Masa Kagami 604-688-7652 or Satoko Norimatsu

* Satoko will be moderating "My Experience of War" session.




を開きます。バンクーバー9条の活動の紹介の後、当地バンクーバーで日本国憲法9条の擁護や国際的な平和活動に取り組む人達が、どのような戦争体験、戦後体験等を経て自ら平和運動に関わるようになったのかについて、その思い、心境等を語ります。その後、討論、懇親会を開きます。是非御参加下さい。入場無料。寄付歓迎。お問合せは:(604)-688-7652 Masa Kagami  か Satokoまで

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