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Monday, April 06, 2009

Peace Philosophy Salon Spring Wrap-up and Social

Peace Philosophy Salon - Spring Wrap-up and Social

6 PM - 9PM, Saturday April 11th

At Peace Philosophy Centre (email for direction)

***Please bring food, snacks, and/or drinks to share***

With special guest Mr. Eiji Yoshikawa, a boxer and peace educator from Japan

RSVP by Friday, April 10th

This Salon will be the last one for Ritsumeikan students, as they will be leaving mid to late April.

This Salon will take a different format from the past ones.

The purposes of this time are:
1) To reflect and debrief on the series of the past Salons this winter
2) To wish a loving farewell to Ritsumeikan students
3) To welcome our special guest Eiji, who is visiting from Japan to give talks at schools in Canada 4) Above all, to get together and have fun!

* We chose not to introduce a new material for this last Salon of the spring, because we have covered some heavy materials and this is a good opportunity to reflect on them and summarize, and share what we have learnt and got out of the past salons.

* Please think about these questions before you come.
A) Do you have any specific reflections, comments, and questions from the past salons that you attended - Japanese Constitution, Senji Yamamoto, Hiroshima/Nagasaki, and Nanjing Massacre?

B) If you have attended more than one session, what do you think are the connections between the different topics that we covered?

C) How do you see the connection between these salons and your future activities - school, work, personal life, etc?

Please don't miss this last opportunity to get together before everyone leaves for their summer activities.

I look forward to seeing many of you!!!


Satoko and Arc
Peace Philosophy Centre

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