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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

HoC MP Aihara apoligizes to the victims of PingDing Shan Massacare 日本上院议员相原久美子向平顶山惨案受害者致歉 相原久美子議員ら民主議員24人平頂山虐殺事件の生存者に謝罪

May 5th, Aihara Kumiko, a Democratic Party MP of the Upper House visited the PingDing Shan Massacre museum in FuShun, China. MP Aihara Kumiko brings a letter, which is signed by 24 Diet MPs, to the victims of the Massacre. In this letter, MPs sincerely apologized to the victims and the survivors of the massacre. They also promised to support the claims of the survivors and to promote a good relationship between China and Japan. Wang Zhimei, a survivor of the massacre also came to Fushun to meet MP Aihara. Ms. Wang expressed her thanks to the MPs.
The following are the full text of the letter, the name lists of the 24 MPs signed on the letter, and a brief English translation.



逢坂誠二、郡和子、近藤昭一、佐々木隆博、篠原孝、田島一成、筒 井信隆、平岡秀夫、山田正彦、横光克彦

相原久美子、犬塚直史、岡崎トミ子、神本美恵子、今野東、谷岡郁 子、中村哲治、那谷屋正義、白真勲、藤谷光信、松浦大悟、松岡 徹、松野信夫、水岡俊一

Link: Chinese XinHua News reports Mp Aihara's visit (In Chinese) (中国語の報道)




日本国众议院议员 (MPs of House of Representative)

日本国参议院议员 (Mps of House of Council)
相原久美子、犬塚直史、冈崎吒咪子、神本美惠子、今野东、谷冈郁子、中村哲治、那谷屋正义、 白真勋、藤谷光信、松浦大悟、松冈彻、松野信夫、水冈俊


To the survivors of the PingDing Shan Massacre:

We are the Mps From Democratic Party of Japan. The Japanese lawyers, who participated in the cases of Ping Ding Shan Massacre, introduced what happened in this accident and your inquiries to us. We feel we are obligated to go to PingDing Shan to have a visit and listen to your voice, and to delivery our apologies; However, now it's the meeting session time for the Japanese Diet, so we cannot come altogether. We would first send our apologies by this letter, which will be presented to you by our delegate----MP Aihara Kumiko.

In September 1932, around the region of PinDing Shan, Japanese Imperial Army killed a mass number of innocent civilians. As human beings and Mps elected by Japanese civilians, we feel a deep sorrow from our heart. Japanese Government hasn’t apologized to the survivors and victims. This caused a pain among the survivors and the relatives of victims. We sincerely apologize for this.

To establish a truly stable China-Japan relation, we have to solve the war-related problems. We think the Ping Ding Shan accident must be properly solved, and this is an important part of all the war-related problems.

Thus we claim here: we agree with the three inquiries you have made to the Japanese government. We promise that we will fight for this goal. We will visit PingDing Shan and talk with you.

Please take care.


平頂山事件 民主議員「日本政府に公式謝罪求める」

Reporting in English: 英語による報道は
Japanese MPs apologize for massacre in northeast China 77 years ago



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