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Friday, June 26, 2009

More Than 8,000 Sue NHK for "Prejudiced Reporting" on Japanese Rule of Taiwan

Yomiuri and Yukan Fuji (by Fuji Sankei Group) reported this large-scale lawsuit against NHK's program on Taiwan under the Japanese colonial rule. Numerous right-wing organizations are involved with this,and spread the word to the general public to gather this many people as plaintiffs of the lawsuit. There has been lots of information going around, and while I am verifying their sources, I will first post translation of news by Yomiuri. I have a recorded DVD of this program on Taiwan, as part of the NHK's 3-year long project "Project Japan" When I first saw it, I was surprised to see how NHK bravely depicted the Japanese rule of Taiwan from the points of view from people of Taiwan. I had a similar reaction when I saw the Prologue of this series ”150 Years of Peace and Wars", in which the history of humanity's efforts to illegalize war was thoroughly illustrated with implication of Article 9 as its ultimate manifestation. So I am not surprised at all that these programs would be targets of right-wingers' attacks, but I did not expect them to take form of this massive lawsuit, and the censorship by members of LDP, which I reported in the previous post.

Here is the Yomiuri news.
Yomiuri Newspaper

More than 8,000 viewers sues NHK for "Prejudiced Reporting on Ruling of Taiwan"

8,300 viewers filed a lawsuit against NHK about their program that dealt with the Japanese rule of Taiwan, claiming "untruthful and prejudiced reporting" at the Tokyo District Court. Each plaintiff is asking for10,000 yen (approximately US$100) for compensation.

The program that was regarded problematic was "First-Class Country of Asia", the first of the series "Series Japan Debut". According to the complaint, the program depicted the oppression and discrimination against the people of Taiwan by the Japanese government, but when some of the plaintiffs checked with the people of Taiwan who were interviewed, the intention of the interviewees had been distorted. They claim that "NHK's approach is against the Broadcasting Law that stipulates fair reporting."

After this program was aired, some of the plaintiffs called for other viewers to join the lawsuit using the Internet and other media.

The Public Relations Department of NHK said, "We have not received the complaint yet, so we are unable to comment. We believe there was no problem with the content of the program."

(2009年6月25日22時05分 読売新聞)
(Yomiuri Newspaper, 22:05 PM, June 25, 2009)

In response to the viewers' feedback, NHK released further explanation on the contentious issues in the program on their website. I will try to post more detailed analysis of the content of the program as soon as possible.



  1. Anonymous2:09 pm

    NHK lost people's trust completely.
    Many NHK's covered problems are now revealing.

    They announced that they have never recived complaints from the inteviewed Taiwaneeses in the programs, but now they found the proofs that NHK acctually went to Taiwan to force those people to sigh the paper saying that they won't sue the NHK.

    They have to be ashamed themselve.

  2. Anonymous2:12 pm

    Right wing party involved law suit ?
    Are you kidding?
    You are like a NHK.
    They are no right wing party involved.
    I am one of people who sue them.
    and I am not belongs to RIGHT WING PARTY

    Such a liar.

  3. If one is confident about one's criticism, one always discloses one's identity.