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Monday, November 02, 2009

Happy 63rd Birthday the Peace Constitution of Japan!

Probably not many people in Japan know why November 3rd is a national holiday.

On November 3, 1946, the Constitution of Japan was promulgated.

It is the progressive constitution in which a nation pledged to the world that it would never fight another war, and would not possess a military.

It is a hard, very hard lesson learned from Japan's wars of Asia-Pacific, which killed more than 20 millions people and brought long suffering to those who survived.

Neglecting and jettisoning of this Constitution would be dishonouring these deaths and suffering.

Maintaining, upholding and promoting this Constitution would be honouring and remembering these losses, and speaking for those voiceless voices and voices of unborn children so that never again such horrors of war would be repeated.

Happy Birthday, Japan's Peace Constitution and specifically, Article 9.



  1. Anonymous12:04 pm

    Dear Japanese Peace People:

    Thank you for the precious message of your Peace Constitution. I pray that it will endure forever!
    Fr. Bob Cushing
    Pax Christi, GA USA

  2. Thank you Father Bob.

    I am aware that Pax Christi is active and supportive for promoting Article 9 and its spirit. I will be doing an Article 9 event in St. Louis, Missouri in March 2010. I hope to get connected with Pax Christi in Missouri.

    Thank you for reading our blog!