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Monday, December 14, 2009

2010 Events

2010 Events
Past Events

January 30 (Sat.)

Film Screening
"The Sirota Family and the 20th Century"

1:30 PM Japanese Version
3:30 PM English Version

Location: Peace Philosophy Centre, Vancouver, BC
RSVP by January 27
Admission by Donation (suggested: $5) Snack donations are welcome.
Organized by: Vancouver Save Article 9 and Peace Philosophy Centre

* This is also the first Peace Philosophy Salon of 2010.
February 13 (Sat.)
White Rock Peace Group
February 27 - March 2 in St. Louis and Independence, Missouri
The Global Forum: On the Future of Nuclear Weapons

February 27 and 28:
Film Screening "Japan's Peace Constitution" followed by discussion led by Satoko Norimatsu
March 1:
Mr. Truman Meets Hiroshima on the Future of Nuclear Weapons, 1945 - 2020
Originatimg from Harry S. Truman Museum and Library (Independence, MO)
and Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum (Hiroshima, Japan)
* Satoko acts as a moderator of a Q & A session.

March 2:
International Studies Symposia
"Japan: Living with the 'Peace Constitution" for 63 Years"
Webster University, St. Louis, MO
Speaker: Satoko Norimatsu, Director of Peace Philosophy Centre

March 20 (Sat.)
Peace Philosophy Salon (Student-Led)

"Foreigners in Japan"

The report of the above salon is here.

April 10 (Sat.)
1:30 PM -
White Rock Peace Group
Peace Quilt, and the 65th Anniversary of the Battle of Okinawa
Contact for details
April 24 (Sat.)
Vancouver Save Article 9
Film Screening at Roundhouse Community Centre
"The Sirota Family and the 20th Century"

Events in New York City (NPT Review Conference)

April 30 and May 1
NGO Conference at Riverside Church
(Peace Philosophy Centre and Vancouver Save Article 9 will host a workshop in collaboration with HANWA, Hiroshima Alliance for Nuclear Weapons Abolition)

May 3

UN NPT Review Conference Start (- May 28)(A-bomb exhibit at UN Lobby)

May 4
Symposium "The Wisdom of the Survivor"
(Peace Philosophy Centre is a co-sponsor)

June 2
"Determined for a World Without Nuclear Weapons: an Evening with Sachi Rummel, a Hiroshima Witness" At Roundhouse Community Centre, Vancouver
Vancouver Save Artile 9 and Peace Philosophy Centre

June 12
White Rock Peace Group
NPT Review Conference in New York

Speaker: Satoko Norimatsu

July 30 - August 11
Hiroshima/Nagasaki Peace Studies Tour

September 11 (Sat.)

Seeking for Peace

- Marking the 100th Year of Japan's Annexation of Korea

With three guest speakers
Hwang Kay, Kim Sung Joon, and Pae Ann
1:30 - 3:30
Roundhouse Community Centre, Vancouver
Orgnized by Vancouver Save Article 9/Endorsed by Peace Philosophy Centre
September 18 (Sat.)

White Rock Event "Food Safety"
1:30 PM -

October 4 (Mon.)
A post-screening discussion with
Linda Hoaglund, Director of Film "ANPO" of Vancouver International Film Festival
6:45 - 8:15
Roundhouse Community Centre
Organized by: Peace Philosophy Centre and Vancouver Save Article  9

October 16 (Sat)
An Evening with Gavan McCormack
"The Battle of Okinawa 2010 - Japan - U.S. Relationship at a Crossroad"
Location: Peace Philosophy Centre
Organized by: Peace Philosophy Centre and Vancouver Save Article 9

December 19 (Sun.)
Japan Focus/Okinawa University Forum: "Where is Okinawa Going?"
Organized by: Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus/Okinawa University Institute of Regional Studies
Co-sponsored by: Okinawa BD and Peace Philosophy Centre

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