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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Korean Prime Minister - Emperor Must Repent If Coming to Korea 韓国首相、天皇訪韓なら「明確な反省を」

Kyodo News from February 5.

  • Emperor must repent for Japan's colonial rule if he visits: S Korea
    Friday 05th February, 03:35 PM JST

    SEOUL —
    Emperor Akihito should be willing to repent for his country’s colonial rule of the Korean Peninsula if he is to visit South Korea, South Korean Prime Minister Chung Un Chan said Friday.

    ‘‘If the Japanese emperor is to visit our country, he must be firmly determined to repent for Japan’s past wrongdoings and establish a new Korea-Japan relationship,’’ Chung said during a parliamentary interpellation, according to Yonhap News Agency.

    ‘‘Though the government has taken a moderate and practical stance in the field of international diplomacy, principles must be kept’’ regarding past issues, Chun was quoted by Yonhap as saying.

    President Lee Myung Bak said in an interview with Kyodo News last year he hopes Emperor Akihito will visit South Korea this year to ‘‘put an end to the sense of distance’’ between the two countries as 2010 marks a century since Japan’s annexation of the Korean Peninsula.

Jiji report in Japanese.

  • 天皇訪韓なら「明確な反省を」=韓国首相

     一方、年内開催の観測が出ている南北首脳会談について、鄭首相は北朝鮮の核問題解決や、朝鮮戦争で捕虜となった韓国軍兵士の帰還実現を目指す考えを強調。これらの問題で進展の準備が整うなら、「場所を選ばずいつでも用意がある」と述べた。 (2010/02/05-19:15)

It would be inconceivable for the Emperor not to express repentance over the past wrongdoing of Japan to Korea and its people. I hope he and the Empress will visit and express sincere remorse and apology.

Peace Philosophy Centre and several other organizations issued an Open Letter to the Emperor and Empress when they visited Canada in July, 2009. For more information, follow this link.

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