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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Chuck Overby in the International March for Nuclear Weapons Abolition on May 2, 2010, Which No U.S. Media Reported

Watch filmmaker Bill Day's 21-minute footage of the May 2 Peace March in New York, by 15,000 people from around the world coming to influence the Review Conference of the UN NPT (Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty), including an interview with Chuck Overby, clad as Uncle Sam, saying "I NUKED JAPAN."

The YouTube link was not embeddable, so please go to this link to watch this must-see video.

I have not been able to write as much as I have wanted to, about the amazing week I spent in New York, from April 30 to May 7, to be part of the events associated with the Review Conference of Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) in New York. One of the highlights of the week was meeting (finally) Chuck Overby, founder of Article 9 Society in the U.S., a former B29 bomber pilot in the Korean War, and now a pacifist and a passionate advocate of Article 9, a war-renunciation clause of the Japanese Constitution. I have posted Chuck's powerful photography and poetry in the last few blogs. Chuck kindly participated in the events I was organizing, like the May 1 workshop "Atomic Bombing and Indiscriminate Bombing against Civilians" as part of the two-day NGO conference at Riverside Church, and the symposium "The Wisdom of the Survivor" held at Pace University on May 4, along with many other NPT-related events, including the Peace March held on May 2, from Times Square to the park in front of the United Nations.

Here is part of an email Chuck wrote to me afterwards:

  • I forgot, one additional item, this one is an attachment that has a "link" to a 21 minute video that a blogger by the name of Bob Day took of the NYC May 2nd NPT protest march from Times Square to the UN. Day saw me at the UN and did a four minute interview with me near the end of the video. The sound and photos of the protest signs that I carried that day are not so clear and good, but you can see 16 minutes of the protest march.

    I was and am still terribly angry and appalled at the obscenity of no newspapers coverage of our May 2nd protest march. I still cannot believe it. My anger and frustration at this 800 foreign military based corporate bottom line dominated profligate global warming consumption empire of ours, the USA -- leaves me sadly frightened. No newspaper in America covered our May 2, 2010, 15,000 person, international NPT protest march.

    This helps me to understand why we in the USA are so stupidly ignorant about most important matters on Planer Earth. I even had our Ohio University Reference Department do a newspaper search for newspaper reports in May 3rd and 4th newspaper across America. They also came up with nothing. Did your Vancouver newspapers cover the NPT protest march?

    In America when some celebrity clown like Tiger Woods gets his penis lost ina non-wifely vagina -- we read, see, and hear about it for months on end, but when 15,000 people do an NPT protest march about something really important for all humanity -- our US media is totally silent. This is mightily frightening, Satoko san -- especially when you look at the US's research and development [R&D] budgets for the DOD [Department of Defense] of 80 billion per year compared to the NSF's [National Science Foundation - non-military R&D] budget of but 6 billion per year.

Well said, Chuck. You are America's conscience and I learn deeply from everything you say and write.


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