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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Jean Downey's Message to former Govenor Ota and Okinawans

Oura Bay, adjacent to USMC Camp Schwab. US and Japanese governments plan to build a massive military base over ths ocean to "replace" dangerous Futenma Air Station. The sit-in by local residents and supporters marked 2,285th day on July 21, when this photo was taken.

Sharing a message from Jean Downey to former Governor of Okinawa Ota Masahide, and other Okinawans.

"Please thank Masahide Ota, the mayors, and other Okinawans for their humanity and grace in their exercise of responsive political leadership and citizen responsibility and agency.

They are an inspiration to all of us who believe in democratic government, nonviolent conflict resolution, respect for natural environment;traditional culture; and the sanctity of life.

Their moral and political clarity; integrity; self-respect; fearlessness; confidence; and dignity elevates us all."

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