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Monday, August 23, 2010

Today's Vancouver Sun バンクーバー・サン紙より

Related to the previous post, here is an excerpt from today's Vancouver Sun - Jonathan Manthorpe's Asia-Pacific Report, " South Korean president's proposal for unification tax raises eyebrows."

We will see what this "most of a 400-page report" to be published within a few days will prove.

The South Korean Navy corvette Cheonan sank with the loss of 46 sailors. Seoul swiftly blamed Pyongyang, saying a torpedo fired by a North Korean submarine sank the ship.

As a result, Lee's administration in the South has cut off almost all remaining economic and diplomatic ties with the North.

Pyongyang has reacted to both Lee's curbing of bilateral relations and his accusations over the sinking of the Cheonan with the overblown rhetoric and threats it always employs on these occasions.

More of the same can be expected in the next few days when Lee's government in Seoul is due to publish most of a 400-page report on the sinking.

Publication of the report is an attempt to counter a good deal of skepticism about the purported findings of two inquiries into the sinking and the role of much-touted "international experts."

The international judgment that Lee has failed to provide conclusive evidence of North Korea's guilt in the sinking of the ship is well illustrated by the United Nations' refusal to impose the new sanctions on Pyongyang that Seoul wanted.

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