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Friday, February 01, 2013

安倍首相、「建白書」を読んでください。「差別」を否定すること自体が暴力です。ABE denies discrimination against Okinawa - Prime Minister, please read Okinawans' petition

Scroll down for an English version of the petition by the Okinawan delegation of 150 to Tokyo on January 27 and 28, including leaders and representatives from all the 41 municipalities, to demand the government for immediate removal of MV-22 Ospreys from Okinawa and opposition against the plan to build a new base within Okinawa as replacement of MCAS Futenma.




 内閣総理大臣 安倍晋三殿 2013年1月28日


The Okinawa Prefectural Citizens’ Rally Against Osprey Deployment was held on September 9, 2012 to protest with indignation against the forceful deployment of the aircraft and to call for the withdrawal of the deployment plans. More than 100,000 citizens participated in the rally.

However, the governments of Japan and the United States trampled down the collective will of the people of Okinawa and forcefully deployed Osprey planes on October 1, only less than a month after the rally.

Due to the presence of the U.S. Forces’ bases, Okinawa prefecture has been imposed with a multitude of damages related to the military facilities. Looking just at the years since the reversion of Okinawa to Japan in 1972, the number of criminal cases involving U.S. service members, civilians and their family members has reached close to 6,000.

As people of Okinawa have taken every opportunity to explain the situation where incidents, accidents, and noise damage related to the U.S. Forces persist, the Japanese government must be duly aware of the situation. Marine Corps Air Station Futenma, in particular, remains in the middle of a residential area, threatening lives and properties of Okinawan people. The governments of Japan and the United States must be aware that the air station is the most dangerous one in the world.

It is outright discrimination against Okinawans to deploy to the dangerous air station the unsafe Osprey which has had repeated accidents since its development stages and has caused a large number of fatalities. In the continental U.S. and Hawaii, trainings have been suspended after giving consideration to the residents’ concern over noise pollution.

Since the deployment in October and November, during these two months, more than 300 flights violating the Japan-U.S. safety agreement have been witnessed during the observation conducted by the prefecture and municipalities. It makes us believe that the agreement has already failed.

Furthermore, it was revealed that the remaining 12 Osprey aircraft in the U.S. Forces’ plan will be deployed to the MCAS Futenma by July this year. The special operation transport aircraft CV-22 will also be deployed to Kadena Air Base between 2014 and 2016. Such plans are outrageous.

The Ospreys were deployed to Okinawa in the year the prefecture celebrated its 40th anniversary of the reversion to Japan. We hope for the steady progress of Japan as members of the country, while preserving Okinawa’s own history and culture which have been passed on since the time Okinawa was called Ryukyu.

Forty years after the reversion, the U.S. Forces continue to be arrogant as if Okinawa is still under their occupation. Japan’s national sovereignty is being challenged.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe,

We request you to re-examine the situation of Okinawa and implement measures to realize the united call of its people for alleviation of the burden of hosting the U.S. military bases. 

This petition for the below requests is hereby presented by the Executive Committee for the Okinawa Prefectural Citizens’ Rally Against Osprey Deployment, Okinawa Prefectural Assembly, municipalities and municipal assemblies. 

1.  Immediately revoke the deployment of Osprey and call off the deployment of the additional 12 aircraft slated by July this year. Also, immediately withdraw the plan to deploy the special operation transportation aircraft CV-22 Osprey to Kadena Air Base. 

2.  Close and remove MCAS Futenma, and renounce the plan to relocate it within the prefecture.

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