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Sunday, March 20, 2016

東京の大家による「琉球新報」記者への賃貸拒否事件は絶対に許してはいけない Racism in Japan: A Tokyo landlord denies rental to an Okinawan newspaper editor








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  1. Charles Cabell6:07 am

    English Summary

    In a column by Okinawan editor ARAKAKI Tsuyoshi dated March 20, he writes of how his application to rent an apartment was denied because "We don't rent to people associated with Ryukyu Shimpo." As Arakaki points out, Japan does not have any laws barring racial discrimination and it is still common for apartments and condominiums to have policies of "No Foreigners Allowed." On the other hand, Japan is a signatory to the international treaty for the abolition of racial discrimination, and such discrimination is forbidden by Japan's constitution. Arakaki makes clear that his treatment represents a case of racism against Okinawans. He compares how easily he could seek redress if he were denied an apartment in Canada because of affiliation with a Japanese newspaper. In Canada, the denial would be seen as a violation of Arakaki's human rights.
    Although Okinawa is a Japanese prefecture, it has its own unique history, culture and language. It was previously known as the Ryukyu Kingdom before being invaded and colonized by Japan. There is a history on the Japanese mainland of discriminating against Okinawans. Now, such discrimination continues through the practice of pushing the majority of US military bases onto Okinawa.
    Consequently, when an employee of a news organ, which uses the name "Ryukyu," and which represents that land, is denied the right to rent an apartment because he belongs to such an organization, that is an act of discrimination against the land and the people who inhabit it. In other words, it is an act of unmistakable racism.
    This violation of human rights must not be condoned. The people who have done this naturally should be legally and socially punished, and this case should be publicized inside and outside Japan.
    We must fight to eliminate racism against not only Okinawans, but also against other minorities in Japan such as resident Koreans and resident foreigners.

    1. Thanks for the summary in English. Allow me to make a correction that from the second line of your summary, "Arakaki" has to be replaced by "Norimatsu," because the comments on Arakaki's column was written by Satoko Oka Norimatsu, myself, who is the owner of this blog. But thank you for your comments, and yes we must together fight against racism.

  2. Anonymous9:35 pm

    Is this really a case of racism? I would hesitate to rent my house to a newscaster of FOX News..Am I a racist?