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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Peace Boat 56th Global Voyage

On May 9th, 2007, I will be flying to Acapulco, Mexico to participate in the 56th Global Voyage of Peace Boat as a guest educator. (Photo from Peace Boat website)

I will be on board from May 10 to 18th, from Acapulco to Vancouver. During the whole week on the ship, I plan to give workshops and presentations in areas such as:

Intercultural Communication - I will facilitate participatory workshops that introduce how awareness of one's own values and assumptions could help promote understanding and develop effective communication skills among people with different backgrounds.

Activities for Peace in Vancouver - I will introduce the peace groups and initiatives in Vancouver which I have been involved with, such as the World Peace Forum 2006, and Vancouver Save Article 9, one of the first of groups outside of Japan that aim to preserve the 'renunciation of war' clause of the Japanese Constitution. I will also introduce my own centre for peace, Peace Philosophy Centre and its activities and goals.

Introduction to Vancouver, with a Focus on Multiculturalism - I will present the diversity of Canada, specifically Vancouver, as one of the most multicultural societies in the world, including the development of multiculturalism, and some of its current challenges. I will also introduce the places of natural beauty and cultural interest in Vancouver and beyond.

This 56th Global Voyage departed from Kobe, Japan on February 26th, and the previous ports of call before Acapulco have been Keelung(Taiwan), Da Nang(Vietnam),Singapore, Colombo(Sri Lanka),Mombasa (Kenya), Massawa(Eritrea), PortSaid (Egypt), Piraeus(Greece), Dubrovnik(Croatia), Venice(Italy),Casablanca (Morocco), Las Palmas(Canary Islands), Bridge Town (Barbados),La Guaira (Venezuela), Cristobal(Panama), and Acajutla(Panama). After Vancouver, the ship will stop at Seward (Alaska) before it goes back to Yokohama, then Kobe, in Japan.

The passengers will engage in different activities while they are in Vancouver (May 18 and 19) - such as learning about First Nations culture and history, visiting Grouse Mountain, and hiking in Lynn Canyon Park. Some will do homestay with local families to learn English and experience Canadian lifestyles.

There is also a possibility of an exchange opportunity between Peace Boat passengers, staff, and locals. I will post information as soon as confirmed. Peace Boat is planning to come back to Vancouver in many of their future voyages, so hopefully we will develop a regular program that brings together Peace Boat passengers and Vancouverites working for global peace. Your ideas and suggestions will be appreciated.

For more information about Peace Boat, one of Japan's most established and successful NGOs for peace, see their website.

For questions and ideas, please email

Love and peace,

Satoko Norimatsu

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