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Monday, August 20, 2007

A-bomb and Humanity exhibition (Aug 5th, 6th)

Peace Philosophy Centre, and Vancouver Save Article 9, held the 62nd anniversary of A-Bomb of Hiroshima event, under the name “A-Bomb and Humanity”, in the 2007 Powell Street Festival. In August 5th and 6th, over 350 visitors, including Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan and Olivia Chow, member of Parliament from NDP, joined the exhibition.
BC Alpha also joined our exhibition with their boards about the comfort women issues.
The cooperation of the three organizations, with their diverse member (Canadian, Chinese and Japanese), demonstrated that our common interests in peace for the future has overcome the diversities of countries, ethnicities, and politics. We worked together as a group for peace and humanity of the future.

8月6,7两日,和平哲学中心和温哥华宪法九条维护会在Powell Street Festival举办了纪念广岛遭原子弹轰炸62周年纪念展览。近400人来到位于亚历山大街的日本语学校参观了这一展览。温哥华市长萨姆·苏利文和著名国会议员邹郅惠也在参观的人群之中。

九条会会员Davie Laskey陪同市长Sam Sullivan 参观关于纪念原子弹爆炸62周年的展览。


从左至右,Davie Laskey, Sam Sullivan,温哥华市议会议员Suzanne Anton,九条会会员菊野由美子在叠纸鹤

北美史实维护会(BC Alpha)也是我们这次展览的合作方之一。史维会展出了他们关于慰安妇问题的展览板。在参观了史维会关于慰安妇问题的展览后,很多观众在支持慰安妇签名征集单上签下了自己的名字。


为期两天的展览非常成功。更重要的,和平哲学中心,九条会和BC Alpha三个不同的组织在展览中表现出了良好的合作精神和对和平,正义的共同渴望。来自中国,日本,加拿大的不同背景人们团结在一起,为了明天的世界不再遭受战争的威胁发出自己的声音,这是多么让人欣慰的一幕。自从62年前核武器出现在世界上起,人类面临的威胁就是超越种族超越党派超越国家的----核大战一旦爆发,人类储备的核武器足以毁灭地球上百次。因此我们也应当抛弃国家种族政治的局限,为了保证下一代的世界不会倒退回石器时代而努力。这一展览中来自中日加的人们的共同努力乃是这一心愿的最好证明。

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  1. Thank you very much Arc! I would also like to express my sincere thanks to Yumiko Kikuno, without whom this event would not happened, and all the other members and volunteers of VSA9 for making this wonderful event. I am sorry I was not much of help as I was in Japan. I was in Hiroshima on August 6th and in Nagasaki on August 9th, and was sending my best wishes over the Pacific Ocean. Thanks also to BC Alpha for cooperating.

    Love for peace,