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Monday, July 28, 2008

Hiroshima Memorial Event: Peace Lantern Ceremony

PeacePhilosophy Centre is going to support Veterans Against Nuclear Arms, Lantern For Peace and Vancouver Save Article 9 to present the Hiroshima Memorial event--Peace Lanter Ceremony on August 6th at the South Pond of Central Park, Burnaby city. Speakers, including the Mayor of Burnaby city will give short speach on peace and the memorial of Hiroshima. There will be volunteers to teach people to make lantern, and the lanterns, carring the hope of peace, will be sent on water at the end of the ceremony. The event is free and open to everyone. Please jion us to memorize the 63 years anniversary of the Bombing of Hiroshima and express our wishes for future peace.

Please see the following information for more details. If you have any question, please contact Arc Han by or phone (778-855-5344) for more details.

和平哲学中心将在广岛核爆纪念日与Veterans Against Nuclear Arms, Lantern For Peace和VSA9共同举办制作灯笼纪念核爆死者的活动。包括本拿比市市长在内的数位演讲者将就纪念广岛核爆和祈求未来和平作专门演讲。志愿者会在现场指导参与者制作传统灯笼,在活动的最后,灯笼将被点亮,放飘于中央公园South Pond内。此次活动是完全免费并对所有公众开放的。我们郑重邀请您和您的家庭一起来参加iroshima Memorial Event: Peace Lantern Ceremony。让我们一起为世界未来的和平而祈祷。

请仔细阅读下面关于活动时间和地点的信息。如果你有任何问题,请致电(778)-855-5344火电邮Arc@ 获得更多信息。


Free Family event with Music Speakers and Floating Lanterns

Time: Wednesday August 6th. 7:30 to 9:30 PM
Venue: South Pond, Central Park, Bunarby.
How to get there: Parking North side of Imperial, Just E side of Boundary Road. The South Pond is about 30 meters north from Imperial St.
Presented by Veterans Against Nuclear Arms, Lantern for Peace and Vancouver Save Article 9.
For information, call (604) -325-8824 or email

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