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Monday, December 06, 2010

Where is Okinawa Going? Forum at Okinawa University on December 19 フォーラム「沖縄はどこへ向かうのか?」12月19日 於 沖縄大学 

Notice of a public forum in Okinawa:


Where is Okinawa Going? 

*** This forum will present and discuss Okinawan perspectives on the current situations surrounding the southernmost islands of Japan, amid the ongoing controversy over "Futenma relocation" issue, from three aspects: 1) environment and biodiversity, after the Convention of Biological Diversity (COP10) in Nagoya; 2) regional geopolitics in the wake of the Japan-China conflict over the ship collision near Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands ; 3) Okinawa-Japan-US relationship and the military base issue after the gubernatorial election.

Time and Date: 10 AM - 5 PM, Sunday, December 19

Location: Classroom 3-101, Okinawa University

*** Co-sponsored by Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus and The Institute of Regional Studies, Okinawa University

*** In collaboration with  Okinawa Biodiversity Citizens' Network (Okinawa BD) and Peace Philosophy Centre

*** Conference organizers gratefully acknowledge the support received from the Australian Naitonal University.

*** Free admission. The forum will be primarily run in the Japanese language. Translation from and to English can be provided during the Q and A.

*** For inquiries: Okinawa University Regional Studies Institute (Phone 098-832-5599; emai:  ) 

*** Inquiries in English can be made at:

See below for English translation of the program, and the flyer.





Japan Focus/沖縄大学地域研究所



◆日時 12月19日(日)10時~17時

◆会場 沖縄大学 3号館101教室

◆内容 Program

セッションⅠ 10時~ COP10以後の沖縄:「生物多様性」に市民はどう取り組むのか
Session I (10 AM-): Okinawa, after COP10: citizens efforts to protect and promote "biodiversity"

Keyword: collaboration and division between Okinawa and mainland Japan in terms of environment and biodiversity; involvement with the international community
〔パネリスト〕桜井国俊(沖縄大)、河村雅美(沖縄BD)、吉川秀樹 (沖縄BD)
Panelists: Sakurai Kunitoshi (Okinawa University), Kawamura Masami (Okinawa BD), Yoshikawa Hideki (Okinawa BD)

セッションⅡ 13時~ 「9.7」以後の沖縄:「尖閣諸島問題」を沖縄から問い直す
Session II (1PM-) Okinawa after "September 7": Rethinking "Senkaku issues" from Okinawan perspective

Keyword: problem of "inter-national" confrontation; co-existance with Asian neighbours through civic exchange

Panelists: Arasaki Moriteru (Okinawa University), Gavan McCormack (Australian National University), Wakabayashi Chiyo (Okinawa University) (others TBA)

セッションⅢ 15時~ 11.28以後の沖縄:知事選後の沖縄はどこへ向かうのか
Session III (3 PM-) Okinawa after November 28: Where is Okinawa going, after the gubernatorial election?

〔キーワード〕日米沖の関係 - 普天間、辺野古、グアム、脱基地と沖縄の自治と自立
Keywords: Japan-US-Okinawa relationship; Futenma; Henoko; Guam; "post-military base" vision; Okinawa's autonomy and independence

Panelists: Sato Manabu (Okinawa International University), Shimabukuro Jun (University of Ryukyus), Miyagi Yasuhiro (former Nago City Assembly member)

◆主催 ジャパン フォーカス沖縄大学地域研究所

◆協力 沖縄・生物多様性市民ネットワークPeace Philosophy Centre



電 話:098-832-5599


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