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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ministry of Defense files complaint against Nago 防衛省が名護市に異議申し立て

Photo from "Henoko hama tsushin" blog. 14 US tanks landed on Henoko beach on the early morning of January 27. Dogongs move around in the reef at night, so landing before dawn poses great danger to them, according to the blog.

On January 28, the Japanese Ministry of Defense filed a complaint against Nago City for their refusal to allow them to conduct a survey on the inhabitation of animals and plants off the coast of Henoko, Nago, on the basis of the Administrative Appeal Act. Nago's mayor Inamine Susumu has made his position clear that he opposes the US/Japan plan to build a new Marine base in place of Futenma Air Station over the cape of Henoko. Inamine disallowed such survey because it would be done on the premise that a new base would be built. Ryukyu Shimpo expects that if Inamine dismisses this complaint, the Ministry of Defense may file an administrative lawsuit against Inamine.

According to Nakachi Hiroshi, professor (administrative law) of the University of Ryukyus, the intent of the Administrative Appeal Act was to provide an opportunity for ordinary citizens to complain against deeds of administrative entities, and should not be applied to the state. Nakachi wonders if this is a political performance by the central government to indicate that they are making efforts to build a base despite the local opposition, but such performance should bring no political benefits to the government, Nakachi says. Nago will probably dismiss the complaint, and in that case, it is unknown whether the state will file a lawsuit against them. If they do, it will be reminiscent of the 1995 lawsuit by then Prime Minister Murayama Tomiichi against then Governor of Okinawa Ota Masahide, who refused to sign the contract to renew land lease for US military use, after hundreds of Okinawan military landowners refused to sign and their municipal leaders refused to sign on their behalf.

Okinawa's Governor Nakaima Hirokazu avoided stating a clear opinion on this issue. Nakaima won the election on the platform that he would call for Futenma Air Station to be moved outside the prefecture, but he failed to clearly express his opposition to the plan to build a replacement base in Henoko. With Nago and the state at the stalemate, Nakaima will have to make his position clear, sooner or later.

(In summary of discussion on Ryukyu Shimpo, pp. 1-2, on January 29, 2011)



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