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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Takae in Crisis 高江の危機的状況


The Japanese Defense Ministry's Okinawan Headquarters (the Okinawan Defense Ministry) forcibly started construction work at the end of last year. On Feb. 1, several dump trucks and 50-60 workers came threw bags of gravel over the fence at multiple entry points of the U.S. Marine Northern Training Area (a war training ground). There are not enough protesters to stop the construction work, and people in Takae and Okinawa are calling for action.

These new helipads, where the U.S. wants to deploy faster, heavier, noisier, and dangerous MV-22 (Osprey), will endanger the lives of local residents and irreparably damage the pristine and biologically diverse Yambaru Forest in northern Okinawa. See LINK for more.
Telephone and/or Fax and tell them to stop it.

Okinawa Defense Bureau 沖縄防衛局 098-921-8131

Japanese Ministry of Defense 防衛省03-5366-3111

Cabinet Secretary 内閣官房 03-5253-2111

Okinawa Prefecture 沖縄県知事公室基地対策課 TEL:098-866-2460 FAX:098-869-8979

Higashi Village Office TEL:0980-43-2201 FAX:0980-43-2457 

US Embassy in Japan: TEL: 03-3224-5000

Call the Diet members and political parties you support and/or voted for, and ask them to tell the Ministry of Defense and Okinawa Defense Bureau to stop the construction of new helipads.

Below photos are from the "Current Situation in Takae, Yanbaru" blog.

以下、2月1日の「やんばる東村 高江の現状」ブログより。上の写真も上ブログから。











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  1. Hello, you can also send messages through the Ministry of Defense website: