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Friday, February 04, 2011

When the Dust Settles: animation on DU (Depleted Uranium Weapons) 劣化ウラン兵器についてのアニメーション完成!

ICBUW (International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons) produced a short, excellent animation to illustrate the realities and risks of DU (Depleted Uranium) weapons.

See the 6-minute animation on YouTube. (embedded below)

See ICBUW LINK to get an overview of what DU weapons are and why these weapons must be banned.

See HERE for the past posts on this blog on the issue.

Also, latest news on ICBUW reports that US cables leaked by WikiLeaks revealed that "Belgium’s government assured the US that the country’s domestic ban would not apply to US shipments through Antwerp following anger at the passage of the law."

See report HERE.
WIKILEAKS: Belgian government told US that depleted uranium ban did not cover Antwerp shipments

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