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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Japan has lived and kept Article 9, and it will: David Rothauser's Letter to the Japan Times ジャパン・タイムズへの投稿:日本は九条と非核三原則を守り主権と独立を保つ

Here is a letter by filmmaker David Rothauser, director of film "Hibakusha, Our Life to Live," regarding the Japan Times' article "U.S. says Article 9 limits close defense cooperation." The Japan Times did not print his letter, so with David's permission, we are posting this important voice from the US, in support of Japan's Peace Constitution. See HERE for the Japan Times article David is responding to.

U.S. says Article 9 limits close defense cooperation

If one reads between the lines of this article, "U.S. says Article 9 limits close defense cooperation," it is easy to see that the U.S. and possibly Japan are preparing to go to war against North Korea. If one studies how wars have begun for more than 100 years one can see a pattern of propaganda and media reporting that portrays the enemy (in this case North Korea) as a diabolical threat that "must be stopped." The language is soft to show how the U.S. and Japan are building a war machine, a coalition rather than each country independently defending their own territory. "Defense cooperation," "alliance," "integration" of missile defense operations all set to psychologically prepare the Japanese people to accept a revision of the Japanese Constitution. Historians may take note that the U.S. has been pressuring Japan to drop Article 9 since 1950 when the U.S. wanted Japan to take up arms with them in the Korean war. To their credit the Japanese government said, "No," and has not participated in war-making for 65 years. No war necessary for Japan to become an economic giant. No soldiers or civilians lost to war in 65 years. Now both Japan and the U.S. are wheeling and dealing to drop Article 9 and worse, to drop the 3 nuclear non-proliferation principles (which both sides have been secretly planning since 1960). It is sad, it is regrettable, it is a crime against humanity, but it is not the last word. The Japanese people are resilient, creative and possess the power to demand the constitutional guarantee of their own independence and continued adherence to Article 9 and the 3 nuclear non-proliferation principles.

David Rothauser
MEMORY Productions
39 Fuller Street
Brookline, MA 02446
617 232-4150
For more information on David's film on atomic-bomb survivors, see HERE.

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