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Thursday, January 17, 2013

ジョセフ・ウォン: 領土問題で血を流したり人命を犠牲にしたりしてはいけない。Dr. Joseph Wong: Territorial disputes should not be causes for bloodshed or loss of lives.

今日は、カナダ・トロントに拠点を置く医師・社会事業家のジョセフ・ウォン氏による言葉を紹介します。日中関係を憂慮するカナダのアジア系市民たちの対話の中、1月7日にウォン氏がメールで書いたものを許可を得て引用します。Here is a quote from Dr. Joseph Wong, a Toronto-based physician and a philanthropist.
Territories are not sacred.  They have been used as excuses to satisfy some people's ambitions.  I believe they should not be causes for bloodshed or loss of lives.  The problem now at East China Sea is a symptom of what has been simmering from failure to get a proper closure for the atrocities committed by Imperial Japan during and before WWII in Asia in the first half of the last century.  What we are discussing and trying to do is to hopefully bring a voice of reason and harmony, recognizing the historical truth, promoting reconciliation and understanding, bringing eventual peace to a troubled and chaotic region, avoiding war and loss of lives in the short term, but more importantly, we should be brothers and sisters irrepective of our race and skin colors.  After all, China, Japan, and Korea are neighbours, and we are in a global village.


Also see a call for peace by a group of Okinawan intellectuals.
Intellectuals in Okinawa assert that the Senkaku Islands should be shared


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