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Wednesday, December 14, 2022

高知の平和資料館「草の家」による声明 「大軍拡ではなく、今こそ平和外交を!!」 Anti-war statement by "Grassroots House," a museum for peace in Kochi

 See English translation below. 


1989年創立の、高知市内にある平和のための資料館「平和資料館 草の家」を今年9月に訪れました。「加害」「被害」「抵抗」「創造」をモットーとし、高知空襲の記憶を伝え、大日本帝国の侵略戦争と植民地支配の歴史に向き合い、地元出身の反戦プロレタリア詩人の槇村浩(まきむら・こう)など、戦時下で戦争に抗った人たちの遺志を継承する、市民が支える市民のための地元に根ざした資料館と感じました。

















Peace Diplomacy Now, Not Gigantic Military Expansion!

We are firmly opposed to the creation of a "war state" that destroys our lives and peace!

Peace Museum "Grassroots House"

December 12, 2021

(A Deepl translation with modifications)

The draft outlines of the three security documents, including the "National Security Strategy," which the government plans to revise this week, have been revealed. The document includes a list of items such as the specification of an "enemy base attack capability" and the introduction of missiles capable of preemptive strikes, which are the very image of a "military state" that has fundamentally overturned the postwar state based on the principle of perpetual pacifism and a 180-degree shift from the "exclusive defense" that has been the basis of national security. It is a horrifying manifestation of the "war-making nation" that has been promoted since the Abe administration, including the approval of the exercise of the right of collective self-defense, the Security Law, and the establishment of the Defense Equipment Agency.

These are part of the U.S. Indo-Pacific strategy, and unlike the response to the Iraq War, etc., there is a strong possibility that Japan, under the command of the U.S. military, will launch a preemptive attack on an "enemy nation" and open the front lines of war. This is an extremely dangerous and foolish act of inviting the flames of war into the Japanese archipelago, an outrageous act, and an attempt to steer Japan toward collapse, and it is unforgivable. Furthermore, it is absolutely unforgivable that such an important matter, which should be regarded as the biggest policy shift in postwar politics, should be forced through only a ruling party agreement and a cabinet decision.

The LDP/Komeito government has ordered a doubling of military spending over the next five years to 2% of GDP (on the order of 11 trillion yen) in order to "fundamentally strengthen defense capabilities" in order to maintain a system of "counterattack capability" (i.e., "enemy base attack capability").

Despite the military buildup, in the country where wages have not risen for 20 years, civilian life is now collapsing under the rapid rise in prices due to the Corona disaster and the weaker yen. If military spending is doubled on top of this, tax hikes will rebound to destroy people's livelihoods. What is needed now is not a military buildup but a mobilization of public finances to cultivate civilian power.

If the doubling of military spending is implemented, Japan will become the world's third largest military power after the U.S. and China.

The history of Japan since World War I has proven time and again that the military buildup of one country leads to the military buildup of other countries, which in turn leads to an endless arms race, a "security dilemma," escalating a sterile competition that only enriches a handful of military capitalists, and common people become the victims.

This time, too, the government explains that it is "to protect Japan's security," but we must see through this deception. Both military expansion and wars start under the guise of "peace. The last war was started under the guise of "peace in the East" and "self-defense," and it killed more than 20 million people in East Asian neighbour countries and 3.1 million in Japan too. Peace has never been protected by military expansion or war. We emphasize that peace can only be protected by peace.

 It is the Constitution of Japan that saved Japan from the despair and lamentation of defeat and served as a compass. We are convinced that the wisest choice now is to trust in the fairness and faith of the people of the world and to strengthen, not military power, but diplomatic and dialogue power, which will be the greatest security for Japan and the world, and we firmly oppose the creation of a "war state" that destroys our lives and peace.

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  1. 落合栄一郎9:52 pm

    現在のウクライナ情勢が、ウクライナがロシア内部を攻撃し始め、より危険な情勢になってきつつあります。これは、US/UK(NATO·EU)->ウクライナ->ロシアという構図で、西側(米英)がロシアを制覇するためにウクライナを使用している。そしてロシア国内への攻撃を仕掛けることによって、USがロシアを大規模な戦争へ誘い込もうとしている。アジア側では、US(UK)->日本->中国(+DPRK)という構図で、日本は、ウクライナ同様 な役割をアメリカに課せられるであろう。その準備は、沖縄諸島での攻撃基地の建設から、現在では、アメリカにどっぷり浸かっている岸田政権が提唱する敵基地攻撃を含む軍備拡張(2%達成)など、とんでもないことをやろうとしている。