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Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Beautiful Henoko II

This is the "base" for the activists - the banners say "Stop the New Base Construction!" and "Follow the Prefectural Assembly's Resolution!"
Beyond the fence is the off-limit US military property. People have put colourful pieces of cloth, some with messages. It remind me of the Japanese tradition of omikuji (fortune-telling) or tanabata-matsuri (the star festival in July - people decorate bamboo branches with colourful origami papers on which they write their wishes) . The big banner below says "Sea of Henoko, Sea of Peace." "Inochi wo mamoru kai" ("Protecters of Life") - it is a base for the Henoko activists.
Beach of Henoko.
Henoko shore is divided... one of hundreds of these boundaries and divisions in Okinawa, between military and civilian spaces.
8 years (2,639 days) of action to stop the construction of a new base. On December 25, it was the 2,077th day of sit-in.
What happens if we just jump over.... ?Anybody?

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