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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

8月13日名護シンポ 「沖縄が世界に求めることは何か」-「世界の沖縄声明」のメンバーを迎えて What Okinawa Expects From the World - A Symposium with Members of the International Okinawa Statement

8月13日名護で開催したシンポの報告です。「世界の識者・文化人の沖縄声明」は1月7日に29人1月28日に103人の世界の賛同人リストと声明を発表しましたが、沖縄の市民団体からの「声明行動のメンバーに沖縄に来てもらいたい」との呼びかけに応じ、8月13日に名護でシンポ「『沖縄が世界に求めることは何か』-『世界の沖縄声明』のメンバーを迎えて』が実現しました(チラシと案内はこちらをクリック)。実行委員会「世界の識者・文化人と連携する市民の会」は「ヘリ基地反対協議会」、「New Wave to Hope」、「沖縄平和市民連絡会」などさまざまな市民団体のメンバーで構成されました。パネリスト(敬称略)は、ピーター・カズニック(アメリカン大学教授)、ジョセフ・ガーソン(アメリカンフレンズ奉仕委員会)、大田昌秀(元沖縄県知事)、糸数慶子(参議院議員)、乗松聡子(アジア太平洋ジャーナル:ジャパンフォーカス・エディター、通訳兼)、吉川秀樹(沖縄生物多様性市民ネットワーク、司会兼)でした。
「基地への抵抗続けて」 名護でシンポジウム
★また今回の来沖ではガーソン、カズニック、乗松の3人は12日午前マグルビー米国沖縄総領事を訪問、1万5千筆を超える、辺野古基地中止と普天間基地返還を求める国際署名を提出。同日午後、沖国大でのイベント「Just Peace(ジャストピース)~いちまでぃん戦さ世?~」(主催・同大平和ゼミなど)が開かれ、たくさんの学生が来てくれました。
平和な空を島を ヘリ墜落10年で学生ら討議
向き合う基地問題 沖国大ヘリ墜落10年
米総領事「対話できぬ」 県、名護に国防協力要求
「沖縄は国に従え」 米総領事、他にも強弁
8月13日名護シンポの写真(New Wave to Hope による写真)



Nago Symposium Statement 

August 13, 2014

In January 2014, over the names of 103 signatories, we published a Statement calling for cancelation of the plan to construct a new base at Henoko and for the immediate return of Futenma. Among the signatories were film directors Oliver Stone and Michael Moore, Nobel Peace Prize winner Mairead Maguire, linguist Noam Chomsky, journalist Naomi Klein, peace studies scholar Johan Galtung, novelist Joy Kogawa, historian John Dower, literary scholar Norma Field, biologist David Suzuki and former U.S. Army Colonel Ann Wright.

This action attracted considerable attention in the Japanese and global media. From Okinawa especially, we received many messages of thanks, saying, “We are not alone” and “he world’s conscience is on our side.” We were humbled that our outrage and small act of solidarity served to reinforce the Okinawan struggle for justice and real security, at a time when many were despondent over the Governor’s approval of the Henoko reclamation in disregard of the Okinawan people’s demand that the Futenma base be transferred outside Okinawa, never within it.

As for the figure of 103 signatories, an Okinawan constitutional scholar has pointed out that, even if coincidentally, it is the same number as the clauses in the constitution of Japan. When Okinawa “reverted” to Japan in 1972, the Okinawan people believed that they would at last be able to enjoy rights guaranteed by the constitution of Japan. But instead U.S. military privilege remained virtually absolute and to this day, people of Okinawa bear a burden of U.S. bases that is almost 500 times greater than mainland Japan. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s flagrant moves to subvert Japan’s peace constitution trample on the basic human rights and democratic prerogatives of the Okinawan people.

We thank you, the people of Okinawa, and are honored that we members of the International Statement group are invited here today and can conduct this symposium. At the same time, right before our eyes at this conference venue, the governments of Japan and the United States, after bringing in materials by stealth at dead of night, have begun reclamation works at Henoko and have been constructing new military facilities at Takae. You, the people of this island, have maintained your vision of a peaceful and just future, keeping up your actions to prevent the base construction, through day and night, rain and shine, illness and death. We share your sense of crisis under these desperate circumstances. Hopefully, together, we can discuss and identify measures that will propel your struggle forward and strengthen links to your allies around the globe.
 “What does Okinawa ask for from the world” is the theme of this Conference. But most of us, the 103 signatories, are citizens of the United States or countries allied to it. Naturally, what a victim asks for from an assailant is to stop the assault. What we must do now is mobilize the media and global opinion to change our governments’ policies. We promise you, Okinawan friends, that we will continue our activities in solidarity, steadfast in the conviction that the construction of a new base in Okinawa absolutely must not be allowed.
Joseph Gerson (U.S.A.)
Peter Kuznick (U.S.A.)
Gavan McCormack (Australia)
Satoko Norimatsu (Canada)
Organizers, Statement of International Scholars, Peace Activists, and Artists Condemning the Agreement to Build a New U.S. Marine Base in Okinawa, January 7, 2014.”









ジョセフ・ガーソン(米国) ピーター・カズニック(米国) ガバン・マコーマック(オーストラリア) 乗松聡子(カナダ)

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