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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

May 4 Symposium in New York: "The Wisdom of the Survivor" 5月4日ニューヨークでのシンポジウム『生存者の叡智』

There will be various events held in New York City in May, while the UN NPT (Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty) Review Conference is held from May 3 to 28. One of them is Symposium "The Wisdom of the Survivor," which will take place on May 4, 2010 at Pace University in lower Manhattan, organised by Center on Terrorism, John Jay College, City University of New York. Please note that details are subject to change. 国連の核不拡散条約振り返り会議に関連した催しが4月末から5月にかけてニューヨーク各地で開催されます。その一つとして、被爆者と911事件の被害者や家族が一堂に会し語り合うという画期的なシンポジウムを企画しております。(日本語訳は要約となっております。また詳細は変更する可能性があります)

Look HERE for the official website. オフィシャルサイトはこちらです。
Note: If there is any discrepancy with the official site and the information here, the official site overrides.


A Day-Long Conference on Tuesday, May 4, 2010
Schimmel Theater, Pace University
ペース大学 シメルシアター(地図は下のリンクをどうぞ)
1 Pace Plaza (subway stop: Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall)

Center on Terrorism, John Jay College, The City University of New York
主催 ニューヨーク市立大学 ジョン・ジェイ・カレッジ テロリズム研究センター

Co-Sponsored: 協賛団体
Nihon Hidankyo 日本被団協
Nihon Gensuikyo 日本原水協
September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows 明日の平和のための911家族の会
Nuclear Studies Institute, American University アメリカン大学核問題研究所
York College, CUNY ニューヨーク市立大学ヨーク・カレッジ
Peace Philosophy Centre (Vancouver) ピース・フィロソフィー・センター
Fellowship for Reconciliation フェローシップ・フォーリコンシリエーション
Rattapallax ラタパラックス
The Simons Foundation サイモンズ・ファウンデーション

On August 6, 1945, Sadako Sasaki, a two-year old girl living a mile from ground zero, was filled with radiation from the nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Ten years later, dying of leukemia, she began folding small paper cranes in response to a Japanese myth that folding a thousand such cranes grants you a wish. Hers was to live. According to her brother, Masahiro, Sadako actually folded over 1300 tiny cranes before she died. 149 of her cranes are in the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, but in 2007 Masahiro Sasaki decided to give the remaining cranes in his possession to the continents of the world in the hope of spurring moves toward peace. For North America Masahiro Sasaki gave a Sadako crane to the WTC Visitor Center which was created by the September 11th Families’ Association at 120 Liberty Street, across the street from the World Trade Center site. The Sadako crane is now housed in a handsome case in the museum for all visitors to experience, witness to the special relationship between the Hibakusha and the 9/11 community.


We are planning a conference that will bring 100 Japanese and other international Hibakusha together with an equal number of surviving family members of victims of the attack on the World Trade Center to address issues of the wisdom of the survivor. Seeking to influence the debate on nuclear disarmament and abolition, many Hibakusha have made the pilgrimage to past Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conferences, which are held at the United Nations every five years. Now they are getting older and their chance to witness their dream of a nuclear-free world is growing shorter. Inspired by President Obama’s Prague pledge to work for “a world without nuclear weapons,” and knowing that the entire non-proliferation regime is hanging by a thread, they come this time with a greater sense of urgency than ever. The security of New York City, and the nation, as well remains vital. The September 11 Families’ Association and their Tribute Museum seeks allies in the Hibakusha as the tenth anniversary of the attacks approaches.

The unprecedented interaction between the Hibakusha and the 9/11 community will constitute the center of this conference. We believe that bringing together these two groups for a day of testimony and conversation will provide an understanding of the unique political, psychological, and spiritual contributions that survivors of atrocity and their families can make towards a peaceful future.


Robert Jay Lifton and Jonathan Schell will be important guests for this unusual event (and both have agreed to participate). Lifton is the author of the ground-breaking study Death In Life: Survivors of Hiroshima, as well more than 25 other books that have explored psychological effects of living in extreme historical situations, with particular emphasis on the nuclear age. His theoretical writings on the “survivor experience” have been extremely influential in contemporary trauma studies. Schell is best known for his passionate antinuclear books The Fate of the Earth and The Gift of Time: The Case for Abolishing Nuclear Weapons Now.  Hiroshiima Mayor Tadatoshi Akiba, the co-chair of Mayors for Peace and a passionate advocate of nuclear abolition, will also be invited to play a prominent role.

このシンポジウムのゲストとして、ロバート・リフトン(『ヒロシマを生き抜く』著者。上下巻、岩波現代文庫他、著書多数)、ジョナサン・シェル(『地球の運命』等の反核著作で知られる作家) のお二人が決まっています。また、「平和市長会議」を率い核廃絶運動の先端に立つ広島市秋葉忠利市長にも参加いただく予定です。

The conference will also feature a panel of writers who have addressed nuclear weapons-related and 9/11 issues in their work including Ian Baruma, Edward Hirsch and Mohsin Hamid.

The conference will also feature a panel of authors and performers who have addressed nuclear weapons-related and 9/11 issues in their work to reflect on “Artistic Witnessing to Atrocity and Trauma.” A number of other scholars who have agreed to participate will consider the conceptual, spiritual, and political issues of the survivor in relation to historical change. Charles B. Strozier, a historian and psychoanalyst and the director of the Center on Terrorism, is the author of the forthcoming “Until the Fires Stopped Burning: New York City and the World Trade Center Disaster.” He will speak about his work with survivors and witnesses of 9/11. Peter Kuznick, a professor of history at American University and director of the university’s Nuclear Studies Institute and an authority on America in the nuclear age, will talk about Hiroshima and historical memory. Michael Flynn, a professor of psychology at York College, will address questions of artistic witness to atrocity and collective trauma.

Others, such as the Boston Globe columnist, James Carroll; Pulitzer-Prize winner Martin Sherwin; and Yuki Tanaka, Research Professor at the Hiroshima Peace Institute will be asked to reflect on human security, disarmament, and non-proliferation.

そして学界やジャーナリストからの発言者として、ニューヨーク市立大学テロリズム研究センター長で911事件の被害者や家族の研究で知られるチャールズ・ストロジエ、アメリカン大学核問題研究所の歴史家ピーター・カズニック、ニューヨーク市立大学ヨーク・カレッジの心理学者マイケル・フリン、ボストン・グローブ紙のジェームズ・キャロル、ピューリッツァ賞受賞者マーティン・シャーウィン、広島市立大学平和研究所の田中利幸 等に参加いただきます。

The conference will be held at Pace University Schimmel Theater and in the Student Union, located in lower Manhattan not far from Ground Zero. We expect the conference to be shown on C-SPAN and to have wide coverage in New York City and the nation. We will send out streaming video of the event and post clips from it on YouTube after its completion.


The Wisdom of the SurvivorConference Program
May 4, 2010
Schimmel Theater Lobby シメル・シアター ロビーにて
Registration 登録

Schimmel Theater シメル・シアターにて

Welcome by university presidents and opening remarks by Charles B. Strozier
挨拶 ニューヨーク市立大学教授 チャールズ・ストロジェ 

Keynote Address by Jonathan Schell, author of The Fate of the Earth and Abolition and The Unconquerable World
基調講演 ジョナサン・シェル

Panel: On the Wisdom of the Survivor パネル:被爆者の叡智
Chair: Peter Kuznick 司会:ピーター・カズニック
Panelists: Robert Jay Lifton, Gerry Bogacz, Terumi Tanaka, and Sunao Tsuboi


Panel: Artistic Witnessing to Atrocity and Collective Trauma
Chair: Michael Flynn 司会:マイケル・フリン
Panelists: Edward Hirsch and Ian Buruma パネリスト:エドワード・ヒルシュ、イアン・ブルマ


Schimmel Theater

Panel: Sharing and Learning from Survivor Experience
Chair: Satoko Norimatsu 司会:乗松聡子
Panelists: Nancy Cimei, Bob Nussberger, Mikiso Iwasa, Sakue Shimohira and Sumiteru Taniguchi

Pace Student Union

Panel: Human Security, Disarmament, and Non-Proliferation in an Age of Terror
Chair: Jennifer Simons 司会:ジェニファー・サイモンズ
Panelists: Martin Sherwin, James Carroll, Natalia Mironova, and Yuki Tanaka

Special Address by Tadatoshi Akiba, Mayor of Hiroshima (pending final confirmation)
秋葉忠利広島市長 挨拶(確認待ち)


Special Performance of by Yuji Sasaki, the nephew of Sadako Sasaki – with introductory remarks by Sadako’s brother, Masahiro Sasaki.
(佐々木禎子の兄 佐々木雅弘によるイントロダクション)

Masahiro Sasaki donated one of the remaining Sadako cranes to the WTC Tribute Center in 2007. 佐々木雅弘は「サダコの鶴」のうちの一羽を911事件記念センターに寄贈しました。

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