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Monday, March 22, 2010

The "Quilt for Peace" Completed 「平和をつなぐキルト」完成

My sincere thanks to Kyoko Hara and the White Rock group for completing this beautiful "Quilt for Peace." Hopefully the few pieces I did and sort of messed up didn't do so much harm... an English message is followed by Japanese.



キルトのデザインは、中心の折鶴を囲んで、皆様から寄せられたナインパッチ(116枚)と、その周りに”We are love, and we are world peace”というメッセージと共に、22カ国語の「平和」の文字をアップリケしてあります。



このキルトは、ピース・フィロソフィー・センターに管理していただき、九条の会のイベントなどでも使っていただく予定です。 どうぞ、お楽しみに。



The "Quilt for peace" has finally been completed !
For the people who have contributed and to those who have supported this project, thank you very much.

The paper crane, which symbolizes peace, is in the center surrounded by 116 nine-patches.

Around the quilt, the message "We are love, and we are world peace," along with "peace" in 22 different languages are sewed on.

This project was supported by more than 60 people, from kids to adults. Ms.Keiko Hidaka from "Quilt de Kyujou wo Tsukuru Kai" in Japan has also helped us in many ways.

Thank you again.

Many people who wish for world peace gathered together to make this quilt, even though most were beginners at sewing.

It was a great challenge, but being able to complete it has a big meaning.

We will donate the quilt to the "Peace Philosiphy Centre", so you will be able to see it at many events.

Whiterock-no-kai (Mariko Yamamoto, Seiko Roberts, Kyoko Hara)

1 comment:

  1. This community art project holds a lot of strength and inspiration--demonstrating the co-creation of shared positive values.

    It is beautiful.