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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Okinawans Irate Over Government's Plan - Yomiuri Report 沖縄は激怒している 

A citizens' meeting was held to oppose the plan to reclaim a site off White Beach, Uruma City, one o the two plans that the government is reported as considering for the "relocation" of Futenma Air Station. The meeting took place in Uruma City on the evening of March 25, attended by 650 people, according to the March 26 Yomiuri Shimbun report.

Okinawans Irate Over Government's Plan

The whole island is angry at the news that the Hatoyama government has decided to go into negotiation with the US government with the two plans - one to build a runway within Camp Schwab(Nago City), and the other to reclaim an area off White Beach(Uruma City).

Before the general election in August 2009, Hatoyama pledged that the airbase would be relocated "at least outside of the Okinawa prefecture." To most Okinawans, the current plan is a serious betrayal by DPJ, the leading party in the coalition government.

Sueko, one of the prefectural assembly members who met with Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirano on 24th to oppose the inter-prefectural relocation plan said, "How dare would DPJ come up with a plan to reclaim the same ocean while they oppose the Henoko plan?"

Susumu, the anti-base Nago Mayor who recently drew international attention by winning the election which was virtually regarded as another plebiscite for the city citizens to accept a new base or not, also told reporters, "Mr. Hatoyama has repeatedly said that he would pay consideration to the feelings of Okinawans. What was that promise about? I am speechless with digust."

is not just against the plan to build a base over the shore of Henoko, a plan in the 2006 US-Japan agreement, but also against the new plan to build a base in the in-land area of Camp Schwab. "I oppose it. Both the City Council and the Prefectural Assembly oppose it. The residents of course oppose it. The feasibility of such plans is close to zero."

Even the supporters of the Henoko plan opposes the in-land Schwab option. Miyagi Yasuhide, head of the organization of Henoko residents who support the 2006 agreement plan says, "The in-land option would allow helicopters to fly right over residential areas and the danger of Futenma would just be automatically be transferred to Henoko. We cannot possibly accept it."

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  1. With good reason they are irate! Okinawa is first and foremost the home of local people, and should be respected as such. Enough of their land, water and air has already been appropriated unjustly for military purposes.