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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Report of First Screening of Annyong Sayonara

The first screening of Annyong Sayonara was held on March 10th. For the2 PM one, my Chinese-born Korean friend Julia kindly brought so many of her friends, so the audience was a good mix of Korean, Chinese,Japanese-speaking people. For the 5 PM one, there were 7 adults and children - I don't know how many, but there certainly seemed many running all over the place!

Here are a couple of comments on the film from the participants.

"There will be no way for peace as long as the war-time wounds are dealt with as inter-state problems or political tools. In this film, the pain and the sorrow of the victims of the Japanese invasion and those of the families of the Japanese soldiers are shared with each other. We can realize peace in Northeast Asia by such sharing on the grass-roots level.We do not have to have state relationships interfere with our own efforts as citizens. What I find unfortunate is that there are many that are indifferent. I think this film can play a great role in raising people's awareness. I want to recommend this film to everyone. " (S.I.)

"This film left me with many questions. Throughout the film I observed cultural differences between Korean and Japanese in the way they deal with the notions and emotions such as resentment, forgiveness, apology,and anger. Not only the historical facts but these cultural differences are making the issues more complicated." (N.T.)

After the film the participants stayed for tea and cookies, and had along discussion on a wide range of topics from Canadian troops in Afghanistan to the 'comfort women' issue. One of the participants mentioned Victoria Cross medal, the highest honour to the acts of military bravery given by the Queen, will be given to the Unknown Soldier of Canada. There are mixed feeling about this award, and the participant expressed a concern that this medal would mean that the Queen owns the death of these unknown soldiers, somewhat resembling the situation of Yasukuni Shrine.

Thanks for all who came to the event.

For future screening events, contact Peace Philosophy Centre at

With love and appreciation,


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