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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Spring Event Series

Vancouver Save Article 9 and Peace Philosophy Centre will be presenting the following two event series on March 24th and April 2nd, with the Yasukuni Shrine issue as one of their central topics. Please note that the film Annyong Sayonara that we are showing on March 24 is the Korean/Japanese bilingual version, and the April 2nd talk by Kim Yeonghwan will be in Japanese. The English version of the film is currently being made in Korea, and we will arrange a screening as soon as it arrives.

The Spring Event Series

Part I

Screening of Film "Annyong Sayonara" Korean and Japanese Bilingual Version

Annyong Sayonara (107min. 2005) is a collaborative work by young Korean and Japanese filmmakers, Kim Tae-il and Kato Kumiko. This is a powerful and emotional film about the controversial Yasukuni Shrine issue.

Date and Time: 2 - 4 PM Saturday, March 24th
Place : Nikkei Heritage Centre 2nd Floor, Kaede Room
6688 Southoaks Crescent, Burnaby BC (Kingsway & Sperling)
Fee: $5.00
Inquiries and Reservation: or
Organizers: Vancouver Save Article 9 and Peace Philosophy Centre
Sponsor: JCCA Human Rights Committee

Lee Hee-Ja, a Korean woman lost her father in China during the WWII. Her father was drafted to the Japanese Army when Lee was a baby, and never returned. In 1997, 52 years after the war, Lee discovered that her father had been enshrined at Yasukuni Shrine. Lee meets civic activist Furukawa Masaki in Kobe after the 1995 earthquake. Furukawa becomes Lee's supporter in her lawsuit against Yasukuni for withdrawal of her father's enshrinement.

The official website of the film (in Korean and Japanese)

Part II

An Evening with Korean Peace Activist Kim Yeonghwan (in Japanese)

"Watashitachi ga tsukutte iku higashi ajia no heiwa" (Northeast Asia Peace that we will create together)

Date and Time: 7 - 9 PM Monday April 2nd
Place: Iwasaki Room, New Sakura-so (Across the street from Nikkei Heritage Centre. See map at the bottom of this page )
Inquiries and Reservation: or
Admission by Donation
Organizers: Vancouver Save Article 9 and Peace Philosophy Centre

Kim Yeonghwan
Former Executive Director of A Peace Museum Grassroots House in Kochi,Japan. Co-director of "East Asia Collaborative Workshop." Instructor of Peace Studies at Kochi Junior College and Kochi University.

Kim Yeonghwan was born in Chungju-si, Korea. M.A. in Sociology from Sogang University. His master's thesis was on nationalism in Korea.Since 1996 Kim has been active in "Okedongmu Children in Korea," a program that arranges meeting of North and South Korean children to promote peace and reconciliation. Kim came to Japan for the first timein 1997 to participate in the excavation of bones of Korean forced labourers in Shumarinai, Hokkaido - the project now known as "East Asia Collaborative Workshop." In 2000, Kim was hospitalized for a serious injury he suffered during snow removal work in Shumarinai. He was so touched by the kindness of the people of Japan who helped him then that he decided to stay and work for a peace museum in Kochi. Kim's lifework is building solidarity among citizens of the East Asia for peace and understanding.

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