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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Okinawa's Voice Reconfirmed, and Reinforced

Nago Citizens' Gathering on May 28 to protest the U.S. and Japanese Governments' joint statement to build a new base in Henoko. 1,200 people attended. (photo from Dugong Keijiban blog.)

Latest Mainichi Shimbun poll
, conducted from May 28 to 30 with Okinawans:

84% of Okinawans oppose a new base construction in Henoko.
6% agreed.

Support for Hatoyama: 8%
(drop from 63%, in November 2009)

71% don't think Marines are needed in Okinawa
15% think they are needed.

50% think US military bases in Okinawa should be reduced, and 41% think
they should be removed.

55% think Japan-US Security Treaty should be changed into a Peace Treaty,
and 14% think it should be abolished. 7% think it should be maintained.

Okinawans' anger and oppposition to the new base plan are accelerating.

Gavan McCormack, Co-ordinator of Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus and Professor of Australian National University concluded his speech on May 28 in Oslo, Norway, at PIO(Peace Research Institute) saying:

“Tokyo cannot roll tanks into Nago, like the Soviet Union into Budapest or the PLA into Lhasa, to crush resistance and impose something so plainly against the will of the people. Neither Tokyo nor Washington can do this. The new base should not, can not, will not be built.”

2010年5月30日 19時39分 更新:5月31日 0時52分

毎日世論調査:辺野古移設に反対84% 沖縄県民対象

米軍普天間飛行場=沖縄県宜野湾市で2009年10月11日、本社機から野田武撮影 米軍普天間飛行場(沖縄県宜野湾市)を同県名護市辺野古周辺に移設する日米合意を受け、毎日新聞と琉球新報は28~30日、沖縄県民を対象に合同世論調査を実施した。辺野古移設に「反対」との回答が84%に達し、「賛成」はわずか6%だった。鳩山内閣の支持率は8%と1ケタにとどまり、昨年10~11月に実施した合同調査の63%から大幅に下落。「最低でも県外」「地元合意を得ての5月末決着」の約束を破る形になった鳩山由紀夫首相への不信感が沖縄県民に広がっていることを示した。




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