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Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Human Chain Surrounded Futenma Air Station ヒューマン・チェーン 普天間基地を包囲

A human chain of about 17,000 demonstrators twice successfully surrounded the 13-kilometer Futenma Air Station in the heavy rain on May 16, 2010, calling for the base to be closed down and the land returned immediately and unconditionally.

(Photographs and above text by Y. Shimoji)

Thank you Shimoji-san for your generous offer of these photos. I heard that on May 15, 1972, the day Okinawa was returned to Japan, it was raining heavily as well. I learn so much from the persistence and resilience of Okinawan people. We will never let another base to be built in Okinawa. We will work for NOT "reduction of Okinawa's burden," but for reduction and eventual elimination of Okinawa's bases.

See Shimoji Yoshio's must-read article "Futenma Issue from an Okinawan Perspective" on Japan Focus, an extended version of an article that appeared on Peace Philosophy Centre's site.


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