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Friday, January 29, 2010

Call for transparency and extension of DEIS グアム環境アセスの透明性と延長を求める署名

Scroll down for Japanese text. 日本語は下の方をご覧ください。

Quoting from the above site -

In 2006, Washington and Tokyo agreed to shift thousands of U.S. Marines from Okinawa after complaints that, with half of Japan's population of 47,000 US military personnel, the island was over burdened. Part of the deal struck by the two nations involved the relocation of forces and a massive military buildup on the island of Guam, without consulting the Guamanian population. Currently the US military occupies approximately 1/3 of the Guam's landmass. One of the
many issues local Guam residents are concerned about are the measures the military will take to acquire the additional lands they seek to complete their mission. An Environmental Impact Study (EIS) was released last November using vague language making it unclear to private landowners whether or not the military would seek to negotiate with landowners instead of resorting to the use of eminent domain and/or land condemnation. This petition calls for the military to reveal to the public their plans to acquire land and to extend the period of time residents have to review and respond to said plan.

沖縄・生物多様性市民ネットワークより知らせてもらいました。 英語による署名となりますが、概要の説明が下記に日本語であります。「ネットワーク」の吉川秀樹事務局長によるものです。



グアム移転に関わるドラフト評価書(Draft Environmental Impact



2006年、在日米軍4万7千人の半分が駐留する沖縄の過剰負担の不満を受け、日米両政府は、沖縄からグアムへの数千人の海兵隊の移転に合意した。日米2カ国による合意には、グアムの人々との 協議もなく決定された、グアムへの米軍隊の移転と大規模な軍事強化(military buildup)が含まれていた。


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